Massage King Monthly July 2004

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Massage King Monthly - July 2004

Interview with John Louis, CMT EarthGear's new Deluxe Oil Holster raises the bar... Free Samples from MassageKing - Entiere Anti-Bacterial Soap Request your MassageKing full-color catalog now! Visit our website to order supplies and accessories. About Us Coming later this month: Exercise List from fitness expert Kevin Wince Customer Survey: What's your favorite massage creme? The link between Inversion and Massage Free Trial Software

Interview: John Louis, CMT

FULL INTERVIEW - This certified massage therapist begain working in massage in 1980. His focus has been on Sports Therapy. He traveled with the Harlem Globetrotters, worked with the Chicago Sting soccer team, and the Boston White Socks, and has been involved with many other athletic events. In 1989, he opened the Massage Therapy Center of Winnetka in Chicago, which has received acclaim from the Chicago Sun Times. He has appeared on both television and radio, representing massage therapists and discussing the benefits of massage for the general public and professional athletes. During the course of his practice, he was unhappy with the massage tools that were available, so he invented two great products: The AcuForce 2.5 and the AcuForce 7.0. AcuForce 7.0 Massage Tool - $79.95 AcuForce 2.5 Massage Tool - $39.95

EarthGear's Deluxe Holster raises the bar...

Cleverly designed to attach to the EarthGear rolling stool, for the ultimate in convenience. This attractive, high quality holster features two bottle pockets and, with the therapist in mind, they have included a large zippered pocket perfect for storing your personal items, such as keys or a cell phone. For added comfort the back is fully padded and includes a wide-band adjustable belt. Who ever said that an oil holster just has to hold your bottles of oil. EarthGear Deluxe Oil Holster - $17.00

Free Samples of Skin Soap

Massage means washing your hands. There is no way around it. The problem is that most soaps dry your hands and can cause them to have an unpleasant texture. Entiere has specialy formulated their new skin soap to moisturize, eliminate bacteria and other organisms, and the active ingredient is not harsh to your skin. We've asked for two-ounce samples of this skin soap and we will be sending them out free with online orders. Here are the eight ounce and gallon sizes of soap: Gallon-Size Moisturizing Skin Soap - $439 Eight Ounce Moisturizing Skin Soap - $408 FREE SHIPPING!

MassageKing Catalog in your mailbox!

We're always expanding our product line. In an effort to keep you updated about our products and great prices, we've come out with a new and great catalog! Look for it in your mailboxes by August. Click here to have your name added to the mailing list!

About Us is a reseller of massage products from manufacturers all over the United States. Our focus is to put massage products from a variety of manufacturers in one place. Plus, we use the power of bulk purchasing to offer you discounts that you wouldn't be able to get directly from the manufacturer. Why buy from MassageKing? Simple. Customer Service, Price, and Convenience.

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