Massage Stools

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Massage Stools

Need a stool to get better reach to your massage clients? A rolling and adjustable massage stool is just what you need. View our guide first to stay up to date on new features and options. And when your done, click here to see our selection of rolling massage stools on


Folding Stool - A folding massage stool is perfect for the practitioner whose office space is limited, who wants to bring their stool along with them on out calls, or who has multiple offices and wants to save on equipment. When folded, this stool offers a very slim profile and can be stored in just about any convenient nook. The padding on these stools is very good, and they are sturdy. For therapists who need to bring a stool with them on the road, the stool includes a strong carrying handle and locking mechanism, making it a great and lightweight portable massage stool

Pneumatic Rolling Stools - Their sturdy five-point leg design provides excellent stability and makes rolling around the office easy and smooth. The padding on these stools is very thick and is remarkably comfortable, while the vinyl surface is resistant to stain and holds up well to constant use. One of the least appreciated aspects of this stool is the pneumatic pump. It allows the stool to be easily and quickly adjusted to your desired height. Some height-adjustable mechanisms break often or wear down eventually, leading to slipping. As you will read below, we have extensive experience with these stools and have not had an issue with slipping or breaking. Many promotional experts say that the best way to promote a product is to use it yourself. Massage King uses these stools in our office for impromptu meetings and for vendors and customers. We have been using these stools every day for years. The stool we first started using years ago is just as comfortable and sturdy as ones we just opened.

Pneumatic Rolling Stool with Back - Although this option is not as popular as the normal rolling stool, the back support option is very appreciated by the therapists, technicians, and support staff who need it. The back is not tall nor designed for leaning or relaxation - it provides support to the lumbar area of the back for those who suffer from the effects of poor posture or other back problems. For these individuals, using a normal stool can lead to real pain and substantial deterioration of their already painful injuries. Although this stool does not provide total relief from back problems, lumbar support often provides some relief and may substantially decrease the rate of deterioration of that person's back. Finally, for people who have good posture, lumbar support will help you maintain that position comfortably while sitting for long periods. Note: These comments have not been approved by a doctor, and should not be construed as medical advice. If you have back problems, please consult your doctor.

Our current pick for the best rolling stool for out-call massage therapy is the Pisces Productions rolling stool. Weighing in at less than 5 pounds yet is supports up to 350 pounds, this stool is sturdy and strong, yet remarkably lightweight compared to other rolling stools.


Accessory Bar - A newly available feature on some massage stools is an accessory bar. This metal bar is fitted underneath a pneumatic rolling stool. It accommodates a specially designed oil and accessory holster, That way, your oils will be conveniently attached to your rolling stool. Keeping them out of your way allows you more freedom of motion.

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