Massage Table Sale Considerations

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Massage Table Sale Considerations

Massage tables for sale here in the USA today are a lot different, and much more advanced, than they were originally. Today, most massage tables for sale today are considered portable massage tables, and are professionally made in factories. It was not always like this. At first massage therapy was a small cottage industry and most of the massage tables for sale at that time were home made or made by very small companies, handymen, and carpenters or furniture makers. There were few options available as the industry was still figuring out what a good massage table was. Most massage tables for sale at that time were more for stationary use, not really meant for out calls, and were used mostly in spas. As the demand grew for more portable massage tables the market started to change. Some massage tables for sale today are made in China and sold cheaply here in the USA, and the price seems attractive, but truly you do get what you pay for. Other massage tables are made here in the USA by legendary brand names, and usually cost a bit more, but again, you get what you pay for. In our opinion, time and time again we see the USA made tables are usually better. The professional tables made here in America are usually made by only a handful of manufacturers. There is very little profit in massage tables, and yet every customer that buys a massage table wants to have the best tables, with the best features, but at the lowest cost that rivals the more cheaply made tables made in China with lesser components. This forces the USA manufacturers to compete on every level: price, and service, and features. Each one is hoping to earn your business, and one of the ways they do it is by having the best built massage tables, with the best and most desired features. These features have to have a name that is both unique, and memorable. Sometimes the same feature can have 3 different names from 3 different manufacturers, all for the same thing. It can be very confusing, and lead to lots of questions.

In the last ten years, has sold thousands and thousands of massage tables. We have found that the questions people ask when deciding which massage table to purchase remain the same. Some questions are real legitimate objective concerns, and others are more of a personal preference. In this article, we will address the personal feelings, thoughts, preferences, and considerations when deciding on which massage table works best for your needs.

What color should my massage table be?

Yes, massage tables come in many colors. So many sometimes it can be hard to decide. Do you want your massage table to match your room, or do you just want a color you like? What about the client; what will they think about the color. Then again, will they even see your massage table, or will it be covered with a sheet set? In order to determine how important the color of your massage table is, ask yourself two questions. First, will anyone actually see the color of the vinyl on my massage table? Second, will I now or in the future have any accessories, such as a massage table bolster pillow, that I should try to match the color with? Although most people end up covering their massage table with a sheet set or a fleece pad, some people do not. It is far easier to wipe the vinyl down than it is to try and wash massage oil or cremes out of a sheet set. On the other hand, some people find that the vinyl is too cold to lie on directly, or that the table becomes to slippery for comfort when massage oil is applied during a massage. You may find that a sheet set makes the table feel softer and therefore increases client satisfaction, and a fleece pad gives more padding to the foam on your massage table. So, if you tend to not cover your table then you may want to consider how the color of the vinyl will compliment the colors in the room where you will be giving massages. Finally, we do recommend that when ever you purchase an accessory for your massage table that you should try to buy the same brand of bolster pillow, arm rest, head rest or table extension. That way you can be sure that the colors of the two items will match. We all know that while different colors can match together nicely, two items that are only slightly different in color can clash. Again, this concern is irrelevant if your massage table will be covered.

I want a light weight massage table.

Of course you do. Everyone wants to know how much the massage table weighs that they are considering buying. They also want it to weigh the least while being able to support the most amount of working weight, and be the most sturdy massage table available. First, ask yourself if it really matters. Do you plan on mostly carrying your table around? Or will it be mostly set up and stay that way? Since a light weight aluminum frame massage table has different characteristics than one made of wood, ask yourself this question first: Is a light weight massage table going to be best in filling the main needs I have? If one of your main needs in a massage table is ease of portability and most of your sessions will be at your client's location, then absolutely seriously consider a light weight aluminum frame massage table. They do cost more, and the top of the table will not be as firm or rigid for deep tissue work because true light weight tables have deck made out of nylon webbing instead of wood. With that said, a true light weight massage table simply cannot be beat when it comes to having to carry around a massage table on your shoulder. The difference in weight can be dramatic. Often people who come into our show room at are surprised at how much lighter these massage tables made out of aluminum can be. Their facial expression actually changes to one of wonder and amazement when they pick one up for the first time.

Who makes the best massage tables?

Naturally, each massage table manufacturer will tell you that they make the best table, or the best table for the price. Professional massage table manufacturers spend a lot of time, money, and effort in designing a premium, top quality product. They are very proud of their tables, and they should be. Although they are all different in some respect, after years of improvements the major brand professional massage tables for sale today are very similar in most major features and design concepts, and differ only slightly in small nuances and unique features. Each manufacturer is trying to make the best table possible, and the truth is they are all good (speaking of professional tables only, see the section titled “Is a cheap massage table just as good”). Generally speaking, the decision of who makes best massage table comes down to a personal preference.

Is it safe to buy a used massage table?

Used massage tables are available for sale, that's true. We have to wonder though; how used is it? Why does the current owner want to sell it? Do you know if the table has been over stressed? Did the therapist hear a "crack!" when they used it last and you can't see it because it is under the table foam? Or is the current owner just ready for an upgrade? Sometimes buying a used massage table is fine. Just like any other profession, many massage therapists find after a while that they are ready to do something else, or that their interests change. When this happens, they will sometimes sell their massage table. If their table is a reputable brand, has no cracks in the frame, and the vinyl does not have any tears (although small ones may be okay depending on where it is), purchasing a used massage table for sale from someone you trust is perfectly fine, and a good way to save some money. Just make sure you reserve the right to inspect the table before agreeing to buy it. Ask about the table warranty and if it can be transferred to you the second owner. Sit on the table, and lie down, and move left and right, to see if it wiggles or cracks. Feel the foam, and press down on it. When you put your weight on the table can you feel the wooden frame underneath? Again, buying a used table is sometimes ok, but buyer beware. Sometimes, it's best to buy a new table, with a full warranty.

Where is the best place to buy a massage table?

Contrary to what some people may believe, purchasing your massage table directly from the table manufacturer is NOT recommended. While some massage table manufacturers do sell directly to the public, they often do so at full MSRP. On the other hand, retailers, resellers and distributors such as are allowed to offer massage tables for sale at a discounted price, with a few restrictions. You might even get a better deal if you can find a massage table package that combines several items together for a discounted price, or even with free shipping. In addition, by purchasing from an independent dealer you are able to get an unbiased opinion as to which massage table will be best for your needs. Finally, we highly recommend that if at all possible that you go to a place such as and visit their showroom, try out different massage tables, see the different features first hand, and if your lucky, you'll even get to try out a few samples of massage oils and cremes.

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