Massage Therapy Health Benefits

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Massage Therapy Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Massage

When most individuals invest in a massage, they often approach their session as a time to de-stress and relax. And although massages are ideal forms of relaxation and recovery, they can also offer a host of health benefits that extend far beyond what many individuals initially seek. Below I share with you various health benefits of massages. There are many different massage treatments that promote certain benefits, so be sure to understand what your body needs before scheduling your next session.

Alleviate Pain & Soreness

Perhaps the most obvious health benefit of getting a massage is work-out kinks and tightness’s throughout the body. For athletes, massages are highly-effective form of therapy and treatment. In fact, regular massage treatments correlate to decreased stiffness and pain, in addition to better mobility in people with osteoarthritis and related joint issues.

Enhance Your Sleep

With some massages, you can be taken to extreme levels of relaxation and comfort, even to the point where you find yourself unwilling or unable to get off the massage table! According to Health magazine, massage therapy can have a profound influence on the brain's delta waves. These waves are linked to deep sleep, which is why it might seem difficult to stay awake during some moments of massage treatment.

Ward-Off Headaches

If you're an individual who copes with regular headaches and migraines, massages can help of immense help. Because headaches can stem from various points of the body, massage treatments can help trigger and release tension that may be causing chronic migraines or more acute head pain. There are even massages that specifically target the head, neck, and shoulders for headache relief.

Ignite Immunity

Many studies have shown that massages can help boost immunity and curb illnesses. The increase in circulation, as well as the massaging of organs and muscles, helps the body detoxify and cleanse itself. This can be very beneficial for people fighting chronic diseases, in addition to the mental and emotional advantages of uplifting one's mood and minimizing depression.

Improve Posture

With almost any form of massage, key muscle groups are loosened and joints become more relaxed. This allows individuals to experience greater freedom from muscle tension and pressure points. As a result. the body can re-position itself into a natural posture, and therefore avoid the habitual movements that develop over time as a reaction to the tension.

Massage treatments can be more than just relaxing "me-time." New studies continue to show even a single massage session can offer a wealth of physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

This article was written by Tyler Tafelsky, writer and content manager for the Health n' Wellness Blog as well as a Five Senses Spa & Salon, a nationally acclaimed destinations for hair services and massages in Peoria, IL.

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