Best Professional Massage Supplies and Products for March 2019

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Best Professional Massage Supplies and Products

As a professional masseur/masseuse, a student in training or a massage enthusiast, you will come around the brainteaser situation of choosing between massage products and supplies.

With so many choices around, it's tough to put your finger on only one of them. Even if you ask your friends and co-workers to help sort it out, it seems they all have their own personal preference.

The fact is that the market is full of massage supplies from famous brands and trusted manufacturers. The choice depends on your taste, desires, and needs.

We Did The Tough Research For You

If you value quality and price, Massage King has a lot of options for you.

In this article, we will go through several massage products and supplies to help you decide what kind of massage tools you need currently.

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Massage Products And Supplies For Home Use

Lots of masseurs and masseuses decide on working at home. Some people prefer taking clients at home full-time or additionally after office hours.

Some of them use the benefits of the digitalized era and create online courses and vlogs to share. No matter the reason behind choosing to work from home, these type of massage professionals have all the same desire:

· Comfortable massage tools

· Massage products that are easy to fold and store away

· Massage tool features that don't bring up the price

Best Massage Tables

We think that these massage tables fall into the category of best home-use massage tools.

Earthlite Harmony DX Massage Table Package

An all-time best seller in the home use category is the Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package. It checks off all the requirements we listed earlier. It's comfortable, easy-to-use, takes up very little space after you fold it and has excellent quality and affordable price.

It comes in several colors so you can customize the massage room. A natural wood finish gives extra points to the design and aesthetics of the table. And the adjustable face rest platform adds the comfortability your clients need. Plus it’s all backed by Earthlite’s great warranty and years of manufacturing expertise.

Oakworks Seychelle Treatment Table

If you're looking for something more durable even for the humidity of the spa, Oakworks Seychelle Treatment Table is an excellent choice for you.

The quality and durability add a little bit to the price, but you'll be thankful after years of usage when your massage table will still be solid and new-looking.

It comes in 16 colors, has options for adjustable face resting platforms and includes a shelf to store other massage products and supplies. And if that's not enough, our Massage King checkout process gives you options to choose your desired features for the table.

Best Massage Chairs

Element Massage Chair Package by Inner Strength

Element Massage Chair Package by Inner Strength comes in at a great price and delivers solid practical usage. It's excellent for both home and office use. It's portable, efficient, and doesn't weigh too much making it a great portable massage chair.

It's practical and cost effective.

The seat and the arm rest platforms both have three adjustment settings, a two layer cushioning foam system, and an aluminum frame.

For other options, colors, and brands for home workers, you can find more of our massage products and supplies here.

Massage Products And Supplies For Professional (Office) Use

Even though the difference between home use and professional massage tables isn't extensive, we still categorize them apart from each other. They all have the most important features and benefits, but some have a little more.

Pisces Pacifica Salon Massage Table Package

Just by looking at Pisces Pacifica Portable Salon Massage Table you see that it makes a therapist's job easier. The variation of colors gives you the opportunity to match it with the office's design. But besides the fact that this table looks like a total beauty, it's durable, practical and efficient. And most importantly, it’s lightweight when compared to other salon tables. It’s designed for portability.

You can use it for a massage, facial cleansing (massage), waxing jobs, etc. With a feature that lets you choose five reclining options, every spa service is possible.

EarthLite Calistoga Portable Salon Table

If you don't mind splurging on what's necessary, the EarthLite Calistoga Portable Salon Table can guarantee the quality, efficiency, and client comfortability you are looking for. This table has similar features as the one above, but it's more durable and has the aesthetics of a wooden frame while also remaining portable too.

Made with real Maple wooden components it has a unique strength and appeal and a complete salon package. If you're looking for spa and massage tools, this table guarantees the full service.

It's excellent for full-body massage, facial massage, waxing, reiki healing session, spa sessions, etc.

If these items we have covered so far are not quite what you are looking for and you prefer your massage tools coming from a specific brand of massage products and supplies, we advise you to search by manufacturer or a brand.

Massage Supplies For Your Massage Room

Massage supplies like pillows, cushions, oils, scrubs and other items are crucial for your career, reputation and the results of your work.

We are often afraid of spending too much money and being unable to find a cheaper solution for the desired products. Massage King offers you the list of massage products and supplies that cover both budget and luxury categories.

Massage Pillows

When it comes to choosing a massage pillow, first decide which one you, or your clients, will benefit from more: a full round or a half round pillow? Sure, there are more sizes, but most often it is one of these 2 sizes that people order. Usually, massage professionals use full round pillows and half round pillows to position their clients better. They both do the same type of work, helping to improve positioning and improve outcomes by helping the therapist as they work to help you relieve muscle pain, improve mobility, remove toxins, and achieve other benefits from massage therapy.

For a standard industry type half round pillow, we advise you to purchase either a semi-round or a Half Round Jumbo Bolster Massage Pillow. If you'd like a taller version and full round pillow, Full Round Bolster Massage Pillow is your go-to option.

If you are looking for a specific type of pillow, like neck positioner pillow, the EarthLite Neck Contour Bolster can come in handy.

Choosing the right pillow for clients with special needs is important to ensure their comfort and safety is well taken care of.

Massage Lotions, Oils, And Creams

You can never be too careful with what you put on your client's skin. Browsing through choices of oils, creams, and lotions can be tiring. You might stumble upon something that sounds like a good idea, but doesn't suit you.

That's why it's important to search by categories while browsing Massage King's massage products and supplies.

Choosing a massage oil depends on your audience, visitors and loyal customers. For a long-lasting option, Soothing Touch European Lavender Massage Oil 1/2 Gallon is perfect. The nice smell of European Lavender leaves one feeling satisfied, and relaxed.

Your clients will have smooth skin and relaxed muscles after a session with you. And you will also benefit from the fact that the oil doesn't stain easily. Typically, washing your sheets within 24 hours of use will wash the oil out cleanly, leaving not stain. You can also choose to try different options by mixing with different carrier oils and scents.

Massage gels and lotions come in similar packaging like the oil. There's plenty of various creams, lotions, and gels to choose.

All of them have different therapeutic effects and use. If you want to save money, purchase the product in the larger packaging, like Soothing Touch Unscented Jojoba Massage Lotion Half Gallon (64oz).

If you are planning on trying the lotion out, then the smaller option like the 7 oz refillable BioTone Dual Purpose Massage Cream would be enough.

Oh, and don't forget about the oil holsters. To make your job easier and more comfortable for you, you'll need additional accessories for your massage products, and a good holster can be a great benefit.

Disposables And Other Necessities

And of course, you will be looking for disposables. No Masseurs' office would be complete without disposables, sheets, face cradle covers, napkins, bags, extra necessities and such products. Every professional equips their office with such supplies, and they cannot save money in the long run by choosing lesser quality.

For a clean and comfortable session, Fitted Disposable Headrest Covers from Massage King are great. It's a budget product that can save you a lot of money and still give you the possibility to offer every client a new, comfortable, and clean cover.

For facial massages, cleansing sessions and waxing, you'll need some facial caps. Bouffant Facial Caps come in large packaging and let you save money. Don't forget about the specific disposables like Disposable Ladies Bra and Briefs.

Other Massage Products And Supplies

Apart from classic hand massage sessions, we often come across the experimental methods. For example, a hot stone massage requires specific tools and products. For this, we have to offer:

· Massage King Large Stone Warmer - budget option

· 18 Quart Stone Warmer - premium option

The budget option can hold 50 stones and is practical for home use too. The pricey option is built with a professional in mind. It's strong, durable and can maintain a temperature of 120° F - 150° F.

You can also benefit from Hot Stone Massage Complete Starter Kit from Massage King and start your hot stone massage sessions at home too.

Don't forget about your own comfortability. While scrolling through massage products and supplies, we often concentrate on what's the best for the customers. Glider Adjustable Rolling Stool is a great option for a massage professional to sit comfortably and perform for their clients.

For a premium option that provides the extra padded seat, rolls, is very light weight, and a folding option, Pisces Folding Rolling Massage Stool is excellent.

We hope that this comparison and product review will help you benefit while you go on your shopping spree for massage products and supplies.

There are still some products left to review and compare. We won't be able to cover everything, but you can always check Massage King's website for more options.

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