Guide to Creating a Meditation Space

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You don't need an entire room dedicated to calming meditation. You simply need a clutter-free space that offers ambiance to help you relax. You can create a meditation space pretty much anywhere in your home. Below are just a few suggestions.

In the Corner

You don't need an abundance of space to create a meditation area. Choose a corner of your home and add items that will tailor it to the practice of meditation. Sage, small plants, and a comfy mat or pillow can transform any area into a peaceful haven. Candles also add a nice touch. You might also like to add sound to your meditation space. You can do this installing a small fountain that allows the sound of running water to be your background noise. It's also possible to use a machine that offers different ambient sounds to set the mood in your meditation corner.


You may enjoy meditation outside with your feet grounded in the earth and your senses taking in nature. It is possible to transform a section of your backyard into a meditation space. You can add a small fountain, yoga mats, and anything else you feel is essential for your meditation space if you have more room outside. If you can create your meditation space underneath an overhang or deck canopy then warmth will stay trapped inside more easily. Pick a location that is calming and make sure to remove any clutter or distractions before you start meditating. You can look forward to the sun on your face when you prepare to meditate during the day.

Closet Space

If you have a closet that offers enough room, you can create a meditation space tucked into it. It's easy to light incense, add a meditation cushion, and adorn the inside with anything that makes your closet feel cozy and ready for meditation. You can even add pictures of beautiful landscapes if your closet doesn't have windows or a view. Closets are an especially good option if you are hoping to have private meditation time without the interruption of other people in your home. You can close the door and shut out the world while you focus on working peacefully into your day.

A meditation space does not have to be a special add on in your home. It can be anywhere that allows you to meditate and relax. All it really needs is the things you feel are necessary to help you reach a state of calm and relaxation.

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