How to Carry Kids Around Without Ruining Your Back

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When your baby is very small, carrying them may seem simple. However, as your child grows and gets more active, you may start to develop back pain. Additionally, you may settle your child on your hip and unknowingly twist your torso.

Use a Child Carrier

Part of the reason we get used to carrying baby on our hip is that you need at least one hand to do everything else. Instead, OrthoInfo recommends investing in a child carrier that will keep baby safely snuggled close to your heart. This is particularly critical when their neck strength is low. They will enjoy the comfort, and you'll have the use of both your hands. Once they can lift their heads and look around, you may notice them trying to twist and turn to see what's going on around them. As your baby grows, they may enjoy facing front to see the world while you travel together. Once you get the pack off, do some shoulder rolls to keep your upper back loose and pain-free.

Get a Massage

Both moms and dads can develop a sore back from constantly carrying the baby. To reduce muscle tension and pain, try massages to help you stay limber. Chirp explains that constantly lifting your kids up puts a lot of strain on your lower back. In addition, as your baby gets a little older, you may need to move suddenly to keep them from twisting around, reaching for things that aren't safe, or just moving in ways that startle you. Your baby is excited to see and explore the world, and when you pick them up, they suddenly find there's a lot more interesting stuff in their field of vision. If any part of your back is giving you trouble or feeling stiff and sore, get a massage before muscles lock up or before your alignment is seriously out of place. Keep in mind that a positioning massage bolster pillow may be just what you need to help realign yourself as you lay in bed or even practice sitting with good posture. 

Keep Baby Centered on Your Back

A hiking baby backpack can be a sizable investment but is a great tool for keeping you comfortable and keeping your baby safe and happy. These carriers come with a variety of pockets and many feature a sunshade. In addition, these packs can often sit upright on their own while you sit down and unbuckle the backpack frame. Best of all, many of these useful carriers hold the baby up nice and high so your little one can actually see over your head. While this type of pack may not be the most convenient option for a trip to the grocery store, they work extremely well for a family walk with the dog or a trip to the park for some fresh air. According to Baby Gear Lab, the best hiking baby carriers are the Thule Sapling, Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite, and Osprey Poco AG Plus.

There are many options for transporting your little one. If they aren't quite big enough for a stroller or aren't comfortable being that far out in front of you, carrying them against your chest or on your back is a great way to keep them close, help them see the world, keep your hands free, and avoid back strain or pain.

When you’re a parent, you need all the help you can get to keep up with your kids. And there are few better ways to do that than investing in a massage chair for welcome relief at the end of each day!

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