How to Get Your Career in Massage Therapy Started

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You’ve decided on massage therapy as a career, and as an up and coming job choice in the US, it’s a great option. There are so many and varying options for massage therapists in the US to work in many locales. How can you know which is best for you? How can you get your career in massage therapy started properly?

Go to Massage School

Depending on your state, school for massage therapy can take roughly a year to complete. But this is time well spent. You will be part of a career in which healing touch is helping others, and there is no time like now for the need for post-pandemic healing touch! In fact, experts expect that in the next two years, massage therapy jobs Many careers require you to get a professional license in your state. Massage therapy is no different. Some schools give the testing required by their states. Others require a special certificate with the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination. Whichever way your state requires, it’s important to be licensed in a health field, so that your clients know you are both educated in, and licensed to work up, the musculature of the body.

Apply for State License

Even after you’ve passed your testing, it’s important to be able to show you’re licensed. Your clients will feel more comfortable in your hands (literally) knowing that you have all your licensure done. Your state also has specific insurance requirements you need to fulfill. Then, you’re all ready to get a job, or begin your own home business! Many local occupational therapist offices, chiropractors, and other businesses want to see licenses before accepting contract work.

There is no time like the present for touch-oriented bodywork. Whether helping others to heal from injury, or healing emotional trauma, massage therapy can help with so many different fields of work. You know that pain, whether physical or emotional, is carried as trauma in the body, and your careful and practiced hands can learn to help release that trauma. This careful practice is why you are needed in the field of massage therapy, where your empathy and strength are both put to good use.

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