Such a Crick in the Neck — 3 Factors That May Be Causing Unwanted Neck Pain

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A crick in the neck can range from a mild annoyance to severe agony. Regardless of whether the discomfort is temporary or chronic, it is still a literal pain in the neck to deal with. What makes it more frustrating is that you often do not know what is causing this distress. Here are three factors that may be at the root of your unwanted neck pain.

The Way You Sleep

Sleeping in an awkward position is one of the most common causes of neck pain. The good news is that this is usually a temporary problem and should clear up in a day or two. If you experience a neck crick on a regular basis and realize that it develops as you sleep, it's a good idea to examine your sleeping arrangement and analyze what may be provoking the discomfort. Neck pain may be caused by an uncomfortable mattress. If you ascertain that this is the case, you'll need to shop around for a better mattress to meet your physical needs. Your pillow may also be the offending party, especially if you notice that you are always tossing and turning in an effort to get comfortable and fall asleep.

Repetitive Motion

Many people may notice that they develop neck pain after engaging in a repetitive activity. The same physical motion over and over can cause strain on your neck muscles. Fortunately, there are ways that you can treat this condition in an effort to bring about relief. The goal is to reduce the inflammation in the neck so that the pain eases. Ideas to try include alternating heat and ice, massage therapy and stretching exercises. And if you choose a good massage, you may want to opt for a head and neck massage. If you do, your therapist may want to use a table that has reiki end plates such as the Earthlite Spirit Massage table so that they can effectively give you a good, long neck massage while they are seated on a stool. You can also use over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to bring down the inflammation and reduce the soreness and stiffness.

Acute Injuries

If you have a constant crick in your neck, an acute injury may be the culprit. If you suspect that one particular event was the source of your pain, it is important that you seek the help of a medical professional. They can recommend remedies or medication to alleviate the pain and prevent it from returning. A whiplash injury is one of the most common causes of severe neck pain.

Regardless of what caused the crick, it can wreak havoc on your life if you do not get it under control. Once you've isolated what is causing your pain, you can then take steps to correct the problem.

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