What to Know About Milk Thistle and Massage

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Milk thistle is a member of the daisy family that grows wild in Mediterranean climates. Many different parts of the plant reportedly have healing powers. While more study is needed, you may want to consider using it to boost your health.

What It Does

Milk thistle is commonly considered to boost liver health, among the other benefits of the extract. It may help to improve inflammatory skin conditions and to stop environmental damage done to the skin. Small studies suggest that using it regularly may help reduce high cholesterol. Mice given milk thistle lost weight. It may help stop asthma symptoms, and it may reduce the need for insulin in people with Type 2 diabetes. Some studies also suggest that it may help prevent the spread of cancer, while other studies indicate that it is excellent for bone health. It may help boost the immune system and may help stop oxidation stress, which is a leading cause of Alzheimer’s.

Why It Works

Milk thistle is high in silymarin. When this nutrient has been studied in the laboratory, scientists discovered that it might help with many different things. It is antifibrotic, and scientists are already using drugs to stop fibrosis in people with lung disease. It also has immunomodulating properties, and immunomodulating drugs have been shown to alter and boost how well the immune system works. Furthermore, milk thistle is a natural anti-inflammatory, which helps to reduce swelling and inflammation throughout the body. It may work as an antioxidant, helping to collect cancer-causing free radical cells from throughout the body.


While research looks very promising for milk thistle, some people have reported minor problems when using it. Some people report having a mild upset stomach or having other minor gastrointestinal disturbances. In some people, it may cause joint pain, while others feel minor skin irritations. Some people taking milk thistle supplements also report getting headaches. As with all supplements, if you try it and experience any discomforts or allergic reactions, then you should stop using it and consult a doctor if necessary.

Milk thistle has been used for centuries in non-traditional medicine. It may help the liver work better, stop inflammation, and help prevent cancer. Milk thistle is high in silymarin, which doctors know is excellent for treating many different things. If you are interested in trying it for yourself, then consider taking milk thistle supplements. These supplements are sometimes marketed as silymarin supplements.

What does Milk Thistle have to do with Massage?

Nothing. However, the massage therapy community tends to show more interest in alternative health, tends to show more interest in and be more aware of natural health maintenance and remedies, and is always looking to improve. We've noticed the massage therapy community does tend to want to learn more about self help and self care, as well as be more in tune with their own health needs and the need for more natural care that they can share with their clients. Both clients and practitioners are seeking natural remedies and alternative medicine as part of their path to complete health, everything from healthier practices to healthier diets, and milk thistle may be a part of that. 

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