Massage tables: should I buy new or used?

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Massage tables - should I buy new or used

Massage tables: should I buy a new or used one?

Buying a massage table involves many decisions. You have to decide on if you need a portable massage table, or a stationary one. You need to decide on the table width (most massage tables are 30 inches wide) and on the thickness of the table foam (most top quality portable massage tables have from 2 ½ to 3 inches of foam thickness). You have to decide on the color, the vinyl type, and the height range you need. It used to be that almost every portable massage table was 73 inches long. Now there are some cheaper tables made overseas that are longer and touting it as a benefit, but we find it just makes them heavier, and harder to transport, plus it's very hard to find a good set of quality sheets for a massage table that fit the longer tables. So, lots of decisions in deciding which is the best massage table to buy.

Today we are going to focus on whether you should consider purchasing a used massage table, or a new one. We at believe this decision to be very important, and there are some serious considerations. Let's review them one by one.

1: Consider the liability. Buying a new portable massage table, such as those that we sell on, offers you the peace of mind knowing that the table is brand new, has never been used, and is fully covered by the manufacturer's warranty. We think this is very important. You might not realize how important until something goes wrong with your massage table. The massage table manufacturers we carry stand behind their tables, often with lifetime frame warranties. Consider what would happen if a massage table cracks, or breaks, while your client is on it! What happens if the table collapses and your client falls to the floor and injures themselves? Wow, is that a mess you don't want to be in. Potentially they could sue you; do you have insurance for this? But if you purchased a new massage table, and you set it up and were using it correctly, then the liability falls on the manufacturer. It doesn't happen very often, but it does happened. We have heard horrifying stories of massage tables cracking and breaking with the client still on them. So make sure you purchase a good quality professional massage table, from a well known brand, backed by a full warranty. Most warranties are for the original purchaser only, and are not transferable to someone who purchased the table second hand. Is being covered by the manufacturer's original warranty important to you? Then you should purchase a new table, direct from a trusted and established retailer like Massage King. When it comes to portable massage tables, you truly do get what you pay for. Do you want your clients, your business, and your reputation relying on a $200 massage table, or a used massage table for which you are not covered by the warranty?

2: Consider the table history. This point goes hand in hand with point number 1. When you buy a used massage table, do you know it's history? Do you know if it is rated for a 300 pound working load but the previous owner was regularly seeing obese patients in excess of 300 pounds? Doing so could seriously weaken the frame of the massage table, and you end up purchasing a used massage table that has been stressed, is now a little less stable, and maybe even makes some cracking noises while you are working. You have to admit that's not very comforting to the client laying on your table and you may just have ruined your repeat business! Now, perhaps you are purchasing a used massage table from a friend; someone whom you completely trust to tell you the truth about whether or not the table has been stressed. Ok, great. Except for one thing: see point number 1. Does the warranty on their table extend beyond the original purchaser?

In short we at Massage King truly, thoroughly believe 3 things about a massage table.

  1. You should purchase a massage table that meets your needs, so you are not paying for features you do not need.
  2. You should purchase a good professionally made quality table from a reputable manufacturer, one that is designed for years of use. We have never, ever, seen a good quality table, that will last for many years, that costs less than $200. Remember, you really do get what you pay for. Time and time again we get customers having to purchase another table because the first one that they thought was such a good deal just didn't hold up to regular professional use. Especially those made with the Chinese “hardwood” Ramen. Don't buy those.
  3. You should purchase a new table, not a used one, for all the reasons mentioned above.

Again, when it comes to purchasing a massage table, you truly do get what you pay for. If you have questions about this article, or about a massage table, or even disagree with us, then we would love to hear from you! What say ye?

Brian Leleux for Massage King

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