Oakworks Aero-cel Foam Options

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Oakworks Aero-cel Foam options

Have you ever wondered what Oakworks "Aero-cel" foam is?

You see it as an option on some Oakworks massage tables and accessories, usually for an upgrade fee. Is the fee worth it? Well, that depends on your needs.

Aero-cel foam is similar to what we all know to be memory foam in terms of density, but is more more responsive in that it bounces back right away, unlike memory foam. And, it is not temperature sensitive. If you take your Memory foam table or table pad out of the car when doing out calls in the winter, you'll have to let your table warm up before you can use it, or else it will be too hard because typical memory foam is temperature sensitive and becomes stiff in colder temperatures. You will not have that problem with Aero-cel foam. It will still be responsive and ready to go, unless of course your are doing massages outside at the North Pole.

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