Satisfied Customers

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At Massage King our favorite thing to do is make a customer smile. We try our hardest, and sometimes we even get recognized. Though we don't nearly have time to post them all, here are just a couple notes from our customers.

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Exceeding Expectations

The tables arrived faster than you estimated... They work great! You guys are temp-on top of things. I look forward to more business in the future. Toi Lynn [url-]World Yoga Healing Arts Center[/url]

Exceptional Quality

Did I get the wrong table? This one is built like a $600 table... from an ebay customer

MS 150 Bike Tour

Many thanks. The MS 150 [bike tour] participants ride 100 miles on Saturday; for many it will be their longest ride ever. I will be sure to tell them that... Massage King made their massage possible. Best regards, Karen After her weekend, Karen also sent us this note: Whew, a massage-a-thon. The riders lined up, waited patiently, and most of them were satisfied. After seven hours I asked them to pick a body part for me to focus on, I was ready to drop. I cannot fathom what we would have done without the Deluxe table, I certainly would not have lasted as long. The table is so comfortable the riders wanted to sleep on it rather than on the air mattresses they'd brought. Thank you for all you did to get the table here on time. Regards, Karen

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