Massage table warmers in the summer? Absolutely.

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We just had a discussion about why our customer's were purchasing massage table warmers in the middle of summer, especially when it is approaching 100 degrees here in south Louisiana. At first, it seems counter-intuitive. After thinking about it though, it makes perfect sense. And as a therapist, this is something you should know.

Imagine the conditions in your therapy room. Low light, peaceful surroundings, maybe some soft music playing in the background. You've designed this room to specifically lower stress and relax the client. After a few minutes, this will lead to a lower pulse and lower body temperature. This is only enhanced by the fact that your client is lying on your massage table there very still. So, it is a natural result that their body temperature would get lower. And with them being partially disrobed, they will be even cooler.

Now, combine this with the fact that you the therapist are working, standing, moving, and exerting your self. And, you are fully clothed. So, your body temperature is going to rise, and you are going to get hot. What do you do then? Well, most likely you are going to lower your thermostat to keep yourself from getting too hot and dripping sweat on your client.

Okay, now put those two paragraphs together: the first paragraph has your client partially disrobed, calm and relaxed on your massage table, and the second paragraph has you working, hot, and turning down the air conditioner. What happens next? Your client gets cold and is no longer relaxed or enjoying the session.

Massage Table Warmers come to the rescue! They allow you to keep the room cool in the summer, and keep you from sweating, while allowing your client to remain cozy and warm and relaxed on your table. And therefore it makes complete sense to use a table warmer even in the summer.

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