Which massage stone shapes are best?

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First, let us say that we at Massage King do not pretend to be educators, or offer formal instruction. All we can offer is the experience and opinions of our customers which we are relying on for this article. Your experience and opinion may vary.

Now, on to the good stuff

We find that people come in all shapes and sizes. In our experience not one massage stone is the perfect shape, size, or weight for every situation. Our customers are looking for stones to cover a wide range of shapes, sizes, and weights. A stone that is perfect for the belly will not be perfect for the leg, or even for the belly of another person. Although your individual practice may require something different, we recommend that to cover the most possibilities a set with a variety of stone shapes and sizes is best. A round one for the belly, elongated ones for the legs, and so on. Heck, we've even tested a variety of toe stones on ourselves to see which fit best; thicker ones next to the big toe so they don't just fall out, and thinner ones near the littlest toe so as not to spread them so far apart it becomes painful.

So, let us answer our original question of which one is best: all of them!
We have them all; just give us a call!
And remember, massage stones from MassageKing.com are real volcanic Basalt, known for the heat retaining properties. Our massage stones sets are imported from the beaches of Peru, and hand picked so that you get a variety of shapes and sizes in each set, including small, medium, and large, as well as specialty stones such as Sacral and Trigger.

Don't be fooled by those perfect little sets you find on ebay and at other retailers. If they don't claim them to be real basalt, then buyer beware! Many, many sets are actually a softer soap stone that is hand ground and then sealed with a harsh chemical sealant to make them shiny and hard. Once you have used these stones enough, the sealant comes off and you are left with a soft stones that is easily scratched with your fingernail.
Don't be fooled; save yourself the hassle AND some money and always shop from MassageKing.com

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