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Bon Vital Fresh N Clean Detergent - Extend the life of your massage table sheets!
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Bon Vital Item #: BVFNCD1G -

Because it is so gentle, Bon Vital Fresh N' Clean Detergent extends the life of your sheets, linens and towels, leaving them soft and smooth against your skin. Your clients will sense the difference! Bon Vital Fresh N' Clean Detergent is environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable. Use 1/2 cup (4 ounces) per normal load.

Citrus II Germicidal Cleaner
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Citrus II germicidal cleaner cleans and deodorizes as it disinfects. And it is non-toxic. Citrus II's biodegrade detergent system allows surfaces to be pre-cleaned prior to disinfecting, as required by OSHA regulations, without the need of a second product. In other words, you can clean at the same time you disinfect, using the same product. Citrus II cleans without scrubbing, and wipes clean without leaving grit or soap scum. As a highly effective deodorizer, Citrus II quickly eliminates...

PureTech Antimicrobial Pillow Covers -
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From germs to bacteria, mold, mildew, yeasts and other one-celled organisms, everyday we are bombarded with a broad array of microorganisms. Therion PureTech zippered covers act as a defensive screen, providing natural allergy relief and protecting you and your pillow against these allergens. Combining two breakthrough technologies into one fabric, the exclusive PureTech antimicrobial allergen barrier keeps your pillow clean and safeguards against harmful microorganisms.