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EarthLite Ellora Stationary Massage Table - Earthlite electric lift stationary treatment table
Retail: $1,699.00
Price: $1,614.05
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EarthLite Massage Item #: ELTEO -

Earthlite Ellora stationary electric lift massage table has wheels for easy transport. It's simple scissor lift design is simple and elegant, not to mention super reliable. In case you missed the notice in the bullet points "Quick-ship" tables currently NOT available right now due to Covid; currently these tables are taking 2 to 2.5 months before shipping. This table is available in 3 different tops. The regular flat top table. The Tilt top or backrest top, which is available in both a...

Picture of EarthLite Ellora Vista Lift Table - ADA compliant - for salon, spa, day spa and medi-spa use.
Retail: $2,099.00
Price: $1,994.05
Availability: In Stock
EarthLite Massage Item #: ELTEOV -

Earthlite Ellora Vista stationary electric lift massage table is perfect for day spas, medi-spas, and resorts with a sleek design and beautiful profile.  Similar to the original Ellora table but with a gorgeous curved steel frame that gives it a graceful profile. This design allows the motor to be hidden out of view for a cleaner and more elegant appearance. Plus it has wheels on one end of the frame for easy transport. It's simple scissor lift design is simple and elegant,...

Touch America Aphrodite Wet-Dry Lift Massage Table - One-Piece Sealed Top, Double-duty Lift Table
Price: $2,995.00
Availability: In Stock
Touch America Item #: GRTWTH -

The included wet sheet vinyl drape that is easily removed for cleaning or massage treatments. You can purchase accessories such as the Deluxe FaceSpace 2 with a water resistant pillow. This table is not recommended for use with a Vichy shower. If you are looking for a complete wet treatment table, click these links to see our stationary Neptune wet massage table or the Neptune battery operated lift wet treatment table. Other features of this table taken from the...

Earthlite Everest Salon electric lift spa and salon table
Retail: $2,199.00
Price: $2,089.05
Availability: In Stock
EarthLite Massage Item #: ELTEV -

Assembled in the USA, the Everest is upholstered with our 3-Layer, 3" Pro-Plush Deluxe Cushioning System and NaturSoft Upholstery. The I-beam holding column has a simple open design which allows for maximum leg and knee room. The Everest has headrest outlets at both ends of the table, which allows for alternating client positioning and thus providing even wear of foam and vinyl throughout the life of your table. With a smooth and reliable electric lift actuator, heavy duty steel frame and a...

Oakworks Marina Wet Treatment Table - Marina wet spa table is heated for comfort & wet-room safe battery-powered electric lift! $4295.
Retail: $5,014.00
Price: $4,399.00
Availability: In Stock
Oakworks Item #: OWSMWTT -

The Oakworks Marina wet treatment table features 3" plush foam with recesses for hot water pockets to warm the torso and keep your clients warm.  The Marina table's AQUADUCT feature is recessed to minimize client inconvenience yet it effectively catches all run-off from vichy showers.  Ideally suited for mud, seaweed, or salt treatments. Rechargeable battery pack allows you to charge the battery operated lift when the table is not in use to eliminate any shock or electrical...

EarthLite Ellora Salon Top Stationary Table - EarthLite Ellora salon top brings elegance, luxury, and reliability to your salon.
Retail: $2,799.00
Price: $2,659.05
Availability: In Stock
EarthLite Massage Item #: ELPEO -

The Earthlite Ellora salon top electric lift spa treatment table is easily adjustable. Simply push the foot pedal to lift the table up or lower it down. The table top is easily adjustable, with the Pneumatic option adding gas assist cylinders to make tilting the top even easier and smooth. To purchase the NON-Salon top version, also known as the flat top version of the Ellora table, click here. ...