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Eye Pillow - Filled with all natural lavender and flax, each eye pillow is hand made.
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MassageKing Item #: BLEP -

Each eye pillow is individually hand made and sewn for the highest quality. Filled with flax seed and lavender and made in the USA, these pillows embue the qualities of old tyme high quality craft work.

Facial Massage:  The Definitive Collection Video - All you need to know to give a facial massage!
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Aesthetic VideoSource Item #: AVSVFMDCD -

CIDESCO diplomat, Rita Page, demonstrates a detailed facial cleansing massage. Meade Steadman, LMT, demonstrates three facial massages: one incorporating hot and cold stones to help stimulate circulation and relax musculature, one showing how to restore natural beauty from the inside-out by following the musculature and vascular system, and a facial massage in the chair. Eva Mileski, aesthetican and LMT, walks you through an extensive facial massage that is part of her facials. Jennifer...

Image of Hot Towel Cabinet for Massage by Earthlite
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EarthLite Item #: ELHTCSTD -

This Hot towel cabinet will both heat and sanitize with its built-in UV light. Earthlite makes 3 sizes of Hot Towel Cabinets, and this is the Standard size. It is designed to maintain an average temperature between 158 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit and will hold 72 of 12 inch by 12 inch sized wash cloths. Your towels will heat up quickly, ready for the next client.  These units are small enough to be placed on most counter tops, carts, or even below treatment...

Soothing Touch Chocolate Peppermint Sugar Scrub 8 oz
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Availability: Discontinued
Soothing Touch Item #: SOTBSSCP -

Pamper you skin and indulge your senses with the rich, delicious blend of chocolate mixed with peppermint. A great way to soothe the skin while showering or after shaving. Our aurvedic oil blend mixed with organic brown sugar, contains natural fatty acids that help feed the skin's surface. These nutrients help create greater elasticity, lock in moisture and firm up the surface of the skin, reducing signs of aging. Use caution, shower floor may become slippery with use. ...

Soothing Touch Cranberry Sugar Scrub 2 Gallon - Refresh, revive and re-awaken your skin!
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Availability: Discontinued
Soothing Touch Item #: SOTBSSC2G -

Bring the spa home with Soothing Touch luxurious Brown Sugar Scrubs. Made with 100% Organic brown sugar, these scrubs gently exfoliate old skin while locking in vital moisture to keep skin healthy and visibly radiant. Brown sugar contains AHAs, which help to even skin tome and allow for gentle exfoliation. The synergy of the Aurvedic oils and brown sugar produces natural fatty acids, which lock in moisture, firm the skin, deminish th appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leave skin silky...

Stretch Terry Headband - pack of 3
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Great for facials! Our Terry Headband Stretch-3 Pack is made of a poly terry fabric with limited stretch ability with wide velcro closure.