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There's nothing better than heat for pain or relaxation, so heat it the right way with our hydrocollators, towel warmers, lotion warmers and heating pads.

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Fitted Fleece Pad Set - Fitted Fleece Pad Set offers client comfort, snug fit, and superior value!
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Price: $54.95
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MassageKing Item #: MKFLCSTF -

Our massage table pad fleece set is actually a higher weight than many others. That means it has more fibers per square inch! Result: a softer, thicker, more luxurious fleece set for your massage table. Slightly rounded corners to help ensure a smooth and secure fit, and generous size fits most standard portable and stationary tables up to 32" in width, and a standard headrest. Set includes one fitted fleece table pad and one fitted fleece headrest. Fleece pad set comes in natural (buff)...

Hot Stone Massage Complete Starter Kit - All you need to start giving great hot stone massage sessions!
Retail: $149.99
Price: $139.99
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MassageKing Item #: COMPLETESTSET -

  Your clients will truly enjoy the benefits of a hot stone massage with our top quality, hand selected (and balanced in pairs) massage stones. This is a great relaxation and stress relieving offering that you can add to your massage practice. Our set features REAL, NATURAL, basalt stones known for the heat retaining properties. We import them from Peru, wash them, and then hand select them in balanced pairs for your client's comfort. Our Hot Stone Massage Kit includes:  Stone...

EarthLite Samadhi-Pro Deluxe Massage Table Warmer - A massage table warmer and fleece pad all in one!
Retail: $129.00
Price: $109.65
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EarthLite Item #: ELAFTWS -

This table warmer is Earthlite’s top of the line digital DLX™ warmer. It features a plush fleece outer cover and a proprietary digital warming pad offering programmable temperatures up to 135° and time settings up to 10 hours. Overheat protection and automatic shutoff provide added safety and security. The fitted 1” (2.5cm) fleece cover is conveniently removable for machine washing. Bonus: This warmer is a two-in-one because it can serve 2 purposes! You can use this both as a...

Bodyworkers Choice massage table warmer sell sheet
Retail: $49.00
Price: $44.95
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EarthLite Item #: ELATWBWC -

Earthlite Bodyworkers Choice Massage Table Warmer is a must have for the cool winter months, and even cool air conditioned rooms. NOTE: as with most electrical devices, this table warmers is NOT washable or submersible and should be spot cleaned only. 

Image of Hot Towel Cabinet for Massage by Earthlite
Retail: $269.00
Price: $228.65
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EarthLite Item #: ELHTCSTD -

This Hot towel cabinet will both heat and sanitize with its built-in UV light. Earthlite makes 3 sizes of Hot Towel Cabinets, and this is the Standard size. It is designed to maintain an average temperature between 158 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit and will hold 72 of 12 inch by 12 inch sized wash cloths. Your towels will heat up quickly, ready for the next client.  These units are small enough to be placed on most counter tops, carts, or even below treatment...

Silver color 18 quart warmer with removeable pan.
Price: $65.00
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MassageKing Item #: MKSTWMR -

Our large Hot Stone Warmer Heater is suitable for all Hot Massage Stone sets. This unit operates in the same way as more expensive units which claim to be specifically geared to hot stone therapy in that they both heat and hold a large volume of water and stones. The difference is that the more expensive units which are "especially for stone therapy" cost more, usually have a stainless steel finish, and have wording which relates to stone therapy. Many, many therapists have told us they didn't...

Massage Table Top Packages - Table warmer, Fleece and Flannel massage table covering options to fit your budget.
Price: $115.00
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Oakworks Item #: OWTTP -

We offer three different massage table top packages with Oakworks accessories. Basic:  - Features Oakworks basic accessories, stick to the basics and save in this package deal. This package includes: Flannel sheet set (fitted, flat, and face rest) Massage table fleece pad Fleece face rest cover Flannel face rest cozy cover Premium:  - Featuring an electric table fleece warmer for increase warmth. This package includes: Premium massage table warmer Flannel sheet set (fitted, flat, and...

Mini Lotion Holder Attachment for Sun-Pak Heating Unit - Great accessory to go along with your heating unit!
Price: $39.00
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The Stainless Steel Mini Lotion Warmer is an all metal gel/lotion warmer. It is designed as an accessory for the Stainless Steel N-1 SUN-PAK or any 4 or 6 pack NON-INSULATED Heating Unit.

UV Hot Towel Mini Cabi - Hot towel cabinet for relaxing, comfortable warmth, holds 24 washcloths.
Retail: $199.00
Price: $169.15
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EarthLite Item #: ELHTCMini -

This towel warmer cabinet is a mini size with a UV (ultra-violet) sanitizing feature. Warm and moist towels add an extra sense of comfort for clients when performing facials, massages, and shaves. This towel warmer will heat your towels quickly and have a therapeutic effect by relaxing the senses. Capacity of 24 is intended for 12" x 12" facial washcloths. This Earthlite brand warmer is dependable and UL listed. The towel warmer cabinet heats and sanitizes approximately 12 towels; it offers a...