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Biotone Herbal Select Creme

Herbal Select Creme

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8 oz. Bottle with Pump - Replacement 8oz massage oil bottle and pump for lotions and oils.
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We suggest at least 3 extra 8oz bottles to hold your favorite massage oil in smaller portions.  Leave one unscented, mix one with a calming essential oil such as lavender, and mix one with an invigorating scent such as citrus or peppermint.

Biotone Herbal Select Body Msg. Creme 1 Gallon - A rich luxurious formula!
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Herbal Select Body Therapy Massage Creme deeply moisturizes and conditions skin with its rich luxurious formula. Use for a silky smooth, full body massage improving skin hydration and tone, or apply daily to re-balance skin leaving it satiny soft. This special formula includes the botanical benefits of extracts of Roman Chamomile to calm, English Lavender to heal, Clover Blossom to help ease skin disorders, and Blue Malva to moisturize very dry skin. Sea Kelp and Aloe Vera are added for...