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The massage tables in this category are perfect for the home user and doing physical therapy or massage at home. We've chosen each massage table in this category with any eye for practicality and quality, without including the the massage table features that typically bring the price up but are seldom used.

People who want a massage table for their home typcially want it to be sturdy, easy to fold and store away, comfortable, and long lasting. And, since they do not plan to use the table every day, they don't want to pay for the best massage table on the market! We think the tables in this category are a good blend of cost, quality, and comfort. If you are looking for a little more features in your massage table, we recommend you look in our Professional Massage Table category.

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EarthLite Harmony DX Massage Table Package - Earthlite massage table packed with features and value!
Retail: $399.00
Price: $339.15
Availability: In Stock
EarthLite Item #: ELPHDXNT -

The Harmony is Earthlite's Most Popular and Affordable Professional Portable Massage TableThe Harmony is a time-tested design with quality materials and professional design and has been an Earthlite best-seller for many years. Practically Why buy the Harmony DX massage table package? Because! It is one of, if not the, "best seller massage table" made by the Earthlite company. The Harmony is the table you want to meet your budget but still give you that professional quality, look, feel,...

Oakworks ONE Massage Table Package - Oakworks ONE massage table package is Oakworks most affordable package!
Retail: $525.00
Price: $499.00
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Availability: In Stock
Oakworks Item #: OWPKGONE -

The One massage table features include Earth friendly TerraTouch fabric, Face Rest outlets on both ends of the table, Oakworks' patented UniLockā„¢ Closure System. The Oakworks ONE portable massage table package is designed to offer quality craftsmanship at an economical price! This table is built with many of the same features and patented details as other professional massage tables. The One massage table is a great crossover table to start your massage therapy career and beyond to a...

NRG Karma table in Agate Blue color
Retail: $373.09
Price: $334.00
Availability: Discontinued

Bundle this with Massage King's Massage Table Accessory Starter Kit - includes everything a starting massage therapist, beginning student or anyone with an interest in massage therapy might need!   The Karma Massage Table Package includes: NRG Karma Portable Massage Table NRG Carrying Case NRG Headrest platform and premium cushion Specifications of the NRG Karma massage table package: Warranty: Lifetime LimitedWidth: 30 inchesLength: 73 inchesDimensions of table when...

Oakworks Seychelle Treatment Table - Strong, sturdy, and practical; table shelf included!
Retail: $660.00
Price: $645.00
Availability: Discontinued
Oakworks Item #: OWPLT -

The Oakworks Seychelle stationary massage table is made of solid hardwood. It's solid construction and timeless design is what you and your clients will automatically think of when the words "treatment table" or "spa table" come to mind.  Sturdy, solid, classic, you'll be glad you have this table to work on. This table gives you a cost-effective solution for an exam or treatment table. It ships mostly assembled for easy set-up. This table is bariatric rated for 500-pound patient...

Custom Craftworks Athena table professional package for sale at Massage King
Retail: $901.00
Price: $851.00
Availability: Active
Custom CraftWorks Item #: CCPDAT -

The Athena Classic massage table with the professional package has been a favorite with professional massage therapist for over 30 years because it outperforms all others. Luxurious and strong this is one of best selling tables for a reason and you can depend on it for the life of your career. The Athena features premium materials and unmatched craftsmanship making it luxurious, strong, silent and secure.

NRG CHI portable massage table in blue picture
Retail: $325.89
Price: $309.00
Availability: Discontinued
NRG Item #: NRGCHI -

The NRG Chi portable massage table offers a solution for the value conscious who refuse to compromise on quality. Named after the vital force believed in Eastern medicine to be inherent in all things. The unimpeded circulation of chi and a balance of its negative and positive forms in the body are held to be essential to good health in traditional Chinese medicine. This is a complete portable massage table package that includes: NRG Chi Massage TableNRG Carrying CaseNRG Headrest Features:...

Massage Table Supplies Accessory Starter Kit - Everything to get your Massage Business Going!
Price: $129.00
Availability: Discontinued
MassageKing Item #: MKASK -

Starter kit includes: 3" x 26" 1/2 Round Bolster: Black, or Burgundy; our choice depending on stock levels. 3 pc Flannel Sheet Set, natural color Double Oil Holster, black 100 Disposable Headrest Covers One gallon of massage oil 2 each 8 oz. bottles and Pumps With a wealth of included products, the Massage King massage table supplies Accessory Starter Kit contains everything a massage student or new professional will need -- from massage oil to a bolster. We didn't leave anything out in order...

While all of the massage tables in this category are good tables, it is of course important to note that some are better than others. Some of these tables may not stand up as well to the repeated use that a professional level massage table gets in daily rigorous use. They may use less expensive materials, or they may be excellent tables but have less features and design and manufacturing qualities of a more expensive table designed for daily use in a professional setting. While some of these tables use quality hardwoods others may use a softer wood such as Ramin. We encourage you to read our description of each table before making your purchase. Although some describe Ramin as an Asian hardwood the truth is usually that it just can't compete, and is not as hard or durable, as the woods found in other better quality more expensive tables that use Russian Birch and Canadian Maple. Over time, tables made with Ramin, such as many of those found at big box retailers under various names, will become wobbly as the screw and bolt holes slowly get bigger and looser from the compression against the metal screws and bolts. Choose your home use massage table carefully, ask yourself how much will you really be using it, how much weight does it have to hold. and how long do you want it to last. Often times getting a top quality professional massage table is worth spending $50 or $100 more.