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Light weight portable massage tables are designed from lighter materials than wood (usually aluminum or composites) or are smaller in size than most tables. Light-weight tables should be UNDER 30 pounds. When comparing tables, be sure to consider both the table dimensions AND the table weight in order to have an accurate comparison from one table to another. You don't have to be a body-builder to carry around these massage tables.

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Versalite Pro aluminum light weight portable massage table by Stronglite, in Royal Blue color
Retail: $539.00
Price: $458.15
Availability: In Stock
StrongLite Item #: SLPVRPRO -

The Versalite PRO is a professional quality portable massage table, with a great warranty. Plus this is an aluminum portable massage table. The aluminum frame helps keep the table weight lower than comparable wood frame tables. Designed to take you from the classroom, to beach-side resort, to the athletic field and where ever else you may need to travel, the Versalite PRO travels with you. Buy the Versalite PRO, the table that will adapt to your growing career at a price and weight that...

Earthlite Luna massage table package
Retail: $569.00
Price: $483.65
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EarthLite Item #: ELPSLN -

The Luna table by Earthlite combines the best of both worlds: of wooden tables and aluminum massage tables. It features a "Shimmy-Lok" design in the leg braces to prevent the inherent instability sometimes found in aluminum massage table frames. Plus it also adds the patented Cradle-Lock leg cabling system that is found in professional wooden frame portable massage tables that everyone is so familiar with. Earthlite has given this table a soft yet firm 2 layer 2-1/4 inch cushioning system for...

Oakworks Alliance Aluminum Portable Massage Table - Portable massage table with backrest comfort and lighter weight at a superior strengh!
Retail: $665.00
Price: $566.00
Availability: In Stock
Oakworks Item #: OWPAA -

Enjoy lighter weight, exceptional strength, unbeatable client access and the positioning accuracy, ergonomics and sublime comfort of a backrest. The Alliance portable massage table features Oakworks' Patented Integra Hinge for additional strength and stability, and a lifetime of use. Oakworks® exclusive design developed from years of testing and research integrates the attachment of the bracing system to offer incredible strength and lighter weight that no piano hinge can match. The UniLock...

Pisces New Wave II Lite Massage Table Package - Lite weight massage table thats only 23.5 pounds and portable.
Retail: $631.80
Price: $629.00
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Availability: Active
Pisces Productions Item #: PINW2L -

A lightweight massage table you will love! Whether you say light weight table, or lite weight table, at 23.5 pounds you'll be surprised just how light this massage table is when you compare it to a traditional massage table. Replacing the typical wooden top of the massage table with a woven web of straps allows for huge weight savings. And, because the woven web top also gives or flexes a bit more than the wooden deck, less padding is needed for comfort which in turn also shaves off even more...

Oakworks Wellspring Portable Massage Table - This is the dream portable massage table for anyone who wants to be able to go everywhere!
Retail: $520.00
Price: $442.00
Availability: In Stock
Oakworks Item #: OWPWS -

This massage table is pure goodness, ergonomic perfection, lightness and infinite access and undreamed of strength. The Wellspring massage table offers everything you would expect in a pristine world. Oakworks Wellspring is a proud engineering accomplishment boasting far superior strength as well as uncommonly light weight thanks to our Complementary Suspension System. Still want to know more about this amazing table? Here is what the manufacturer has to say about it: The Oakworks Wellspring...

Oakworks Aurora Massage Table Packages - Lightest weight portable massage table with the warmth of wood and superior value!
Retail: $708.00
Price: $669.00
Availability: In Stock
Oakworks Item #: OW -

The lightest weight portable massage table with the warmth of wood and superior value. Get a strong start and a lighter load with the Aurora. This massage table weighs just 29 pounds for the 29" width with plush foam padding. The 31" table weighs 31 pounds. Note that because of the nature of foam, weights tend to vary slightly. Even better, combine it with one of the below packages to maximize your value and savings! Essential Package Includes: Aurora Massae Table QuickLock Face Rest platform...

Oakworks Wellspring Massage Table Packages - Massage table with uncommon strength and ergonomic portability!
Retail: $770.00
Price: $733.50
Availability: In Stock
Oakworks Item #: -OW -

The Wellspring is Oakworks' Top Performing Aluminum Framed Portable Massage Table The Wellspring metal portable massage table is all about the access, ergonomics, strength, durability and weight. A lightweight when carrying it, a heavyweight in strength! This is the massage table that can keep up with your busiest days. To ensure your career's longevity and your ability to accommodate any size client, you need a table that offers the unparalleled details found in the Wellspring. Essential...

Oakworks Alliance Aluminum Massage Table Packages - Oakworks Alliance aluminum portable massage table with backrest tilt top.
Retail: $914.00
Price: $780.00
Availability: In Stock
Oakworks Item #: (OW -

Essential Package Includes: Alliance Aluminum Massage Table QuickLock Face Rest Aerocel Face Rest Cushion 6" Semi-Round Bolster Essential Carry Case Traveler Package Includes: Alliance Aluminum Massage Table QuickLock Face Rest AeroCel Face Rest Cushion 6" Semi-Round Bolster Arm Hammock Professional Carry Case Table Cart Professional Package Includes: Alliance Aluminum Massage Table QuickLock Face Rest Platform Boiance Face Rest Cushion Arm Hammock 6" Semi-round Bolster Professional Carry Case...

Touch America Aphrodite Wet Dry Stationary Massage Table - A lift table designed for dry or wet treatments and massage
Price: $1,415.00
Availability: Active
Touch America Item #: -GRtwth -

The Aphrodite wet stationary table by Touch America for hydrotherapy is made for both Spa and Salon treatments. This table comes with a built-in marine grade vinyl top. In addition, it includes a removeable marine-grade vinyl cover. We highly recommend a deluxe Facespace II headrest with wet pillow. We've included the manufacturers standard features list here below for your reference: Standard Features • Height Range 25" - 33" • Top Size 30" x 73" • Seamless marine-grade vinyl w/...

Pisces New Wave II Hardwood Massage Table - Portable massage table with a perfect blend between the beauty of hardwood and the strength of metal
Retail: $585.00
Availability: Active
Pisces Productions Item #: PINW2H -

The New Wave II Hardwood gives is truly the wave of the future. When purchased with the optional Woven Web Top, Triple Wrap-lite foam and Ultra Leather vinyl, it is one of the lightest full size hardwood tables available at 23 lbs. It comes with our original, industrial strength Tubular Frame, all eight corners rounded for comfort and beauty and permanently attached (welded) hinges and diagonal brace brackets. Standard Foam Face rest shown not included.

Pisces Pacifica Salon Massage Table Package - Portable combination treatment table for salon or spa.
Retail: $798.00
Price: $789.00
Availability: Active
Pisces Productions Item #: PIPSMC -

One of the lightest full size salon massage tables available, the Pacifica was designed to make a therapist's job easier. Equipped with Pisces Production's Woven Web Top (a standard feature), the Pacifica weighs in at a remarkable 25 lbs when configured with Ultra Leather. The Pacifica comes with our original, industrial strength Tubular Frame. All eight corners rounded for comfort and beauty and welded hinges and diagonal brace brackets. Nylon washers and bushings at all joints provide...

NRG CHI portable massage table in blue picture
Retail: $325.89
Price: $309.00
Availability: Discontinued
NRG Item #: NRGCHI -

The NRG Chi portable massage table offers a solution for the value conscious who refuse to compromise on quality. Named after the vital force believed in Eastern medicine to be inherent in all things. The unimpeded circulation of chi and a balance of its negative and positive forms in the body are held to be essential to good health in traditional Chinese medicine. This is a complete portable massage table package that includes: NRG Chi Massage TableNRG Carrying CaseNRG Headrest Features:...

Massage Table Supplies Accessory Starter Kit - Everything to get your Massage Business Going!
Price: $129.00
Availability: Discontinued
MassageKing Item #: MKASK -

Starter kit includes: 3" x 26" 1/2 Round Bolster: Black, or Burgundy; our choice depending on stock levels. 3 pc Flannel Sheet Set, natural color Double Oil Holster, black 100 Disposable Headrest Covers One gallon of massage oil 2 each 8 oz. bottles and Pumps With a wealth of included products, the Massage King massage table supplies Accessory Starter Kit contains everything a massage student or new professional will need -- from massage oil to a bolster. We didn't leave anything out in order...

Typically light weight massage tables are made of aluminum for the simple reason that it weighs less than wood. Wooden tables are the classic design, but wood is heavy. Aluminum tables used hollow aluminum tubing in place of wood to help keep the weight down. The lighter weight means that these tables are easier to carry around. So, if you truly need a portable massage table then an aluminum one is usually the best way to go.

Now, it's possible that you may see a wooden table that is lighter than an aluminum one, but you have to compare apples to apples. The things that add to a tables weight are of course the frame, but also the amount of foam it needs, the amount of vinyl it needs, and the amount of glue, lacquer, nuts, and bolts that it needs. So, if you make a table more narrow, perhaps 24 inches wide instead of 30 inches wide, then of course it's going to be lighter. A 24 inch wide table uses a lot less length of framing members, therefore less wood. It also uses less foam because there is less of a table to cover. And of course it uses less vinyl. All of these add up to mean a 24 inch table is always going to be lighter than a 30 inch table. But an aluminum table is most always going to be lighter than a wooden table of the same width and strength.

Some light weight massage tables take extra measures to reduce the weight even more by using a nylon webbing as the deck of the table (the horizontal flat surface that spans the frame under the foam, and that the foam sits on) instead of plywood. This serves 2 purposes.

  1. Removing the plywood removes a lot of weight, thereby making the table drastically lighter than a wooden deck table, and much more portable.
  2. A nylon deck is not as hard or rigid, so the table can safely get away with having a less thick foam top. This is because the client laying on the table will not feel the plywood under the foam like on a regular massage table since it isn't there to begin with. This further reduces the weight.

One thing worthy of note is that sometimes a very light weight massage table can sometimes be not as strong as a professional grade traditional wooden massage table. But don't let that scare you. Even some of the lightest weight massage tables have a working weight at least 350 pounds, and some handle 500 pounds, more than capable for most people. Do you really need a massage table that has a working load of 1000 pounds? If you want to know more you can always read these details in the specifications of all of the massage tables listed on Massage King.