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Portable Massage Chair Packages come with the basic massage equipment setup, and sometimes a few supplies, that you need to begin working. Typically this means a chair, a headrest platform and facepillow cushion, and a carry case. 

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NRG Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair Package - NRG Grasshopper portable massage chair package $189.
Retail: $250.79
Price: $224.99
Availability: In Stock
NRG Item #: NRGCGH -

The Grasshopper portable massage chair package includes carrying case. It is made of light weight aircraft grade aluminum to maintain strength to hold 300 pounds of working weight, yet the chair itself weighs only 18 pounds. If features 2-1/2 inches of foam for client comfort, and easy to care for Levante vinyl.

Earthlite Vortex portable massage chair dimensions
Retail: $369.00
Price: $313.65
Availability: In Stock
EarthLite Massage Item #: ELPVT -

The Earthlite Vortex portable massage chair package also includes a carry case. It is light and easy to carry, and very stable. The super lite Vortex portable massage chair allows you to take your practice to places you never thought possible. You'll be able to grow your client list by going to your clients where it is convenient for them to increase new customers and encourage repeat customers.

Ergo-Pro portable adjustable massage chair dimensions
Retail: $499.00
Price: $424.15
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StrongLite Item #: SLPEP -

The Ergo Pro, being super adjustable with a compact design and wheels for easy portability, is the worry free massage chair for the most demanding clients. This portable massage chair is designed from the ground up to be light as a feather and easy to use in the busiest professional salon. Its large knee pads and wide frame offer complete confidence in its stability, allowing your massage therapy clients to completely relax and settle into the chair. The Stronglite Ergo Pro II massage chair is...

Pisces Dolphin II Massage Chair - Pisces Dolphin II portable massage chair sits up and lays almost flat.
Price: $625.00
Availability: Active
Pisces Productions Item #: PID2MC -

Pisces Dolphin II massage chair has a wheeled base and is SUPER light at only 16.5 pounds. Very easy to transport. And once you've used it, its very easy to set up too! We have several chairs in stock here in our Louisiana showroom. We sell a lot of these chairs locally because therapists are able to sit on and try for themselves several different chairs in person. And once you try the Dolphin II, there is no comparison. YES, it is a unique design. Don't let the unconventional look be a worry....

Oakworks Portal Pro III Massage Chair - The Portal Pro portable massage chair is Oakworks BEST massage chair.
Retail: $510.00
Price: $484.50
Availability: In Stock
Oakworks Item #: OWCPP -

The Oakworks Portal Pro III massage chair has been an undisputed massage industry favorite for over a decade. Oakworks patented Portal Pro massage chair has proven again and again that superior ergonomic engineering, tested safety and complete attention to the details you require all add up to a truly smart investment for a growing practice. Is this chair adjustable? YES! Adjustable seat height Adjustable seat tilt Adjustable chest pad height Adjustable face rest height Adjustable armrest...

EarthLite Avila II Portable Massage Chair Package - Earthlite Avila II portable massage chair is infinitely adjustable!
Retail: $539.00
Price: $458.15
Availability: In Stock
EarthLite Massage Item #: ELPA2 -

The Avila is CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK, right now, but if you need a great, strong, highly adjustable massage chair and can't wait for the Avila to come back in stock then we at Massage King can highly recommend the StrongLite Ergo Pro II Massage Chair Package ( Avila II portable massage chair is infinitely adjustable with 3 quick levers to optimize a fit for everyone from children to 350 lb. adults. Hard to believe, we know, but we've tried it for ourselves and it is...

EarthLite TravelMate Desktop Massage Support - The benefits of a portable massage chair in half the size and weight!
Retail: $109.00
Price: $92.65
Availability: In Stock
EarthLite Massage Item #: ELDTM -

Tired of lugging your big massage table or even your chair to events or offices for just a 10 minute massage?  A desktop massage system is your answer!  Goes anywhere, fits anywhere, super light, super portable, and easy to use.

Element portable massage table and chair package by Inner Strength
Retail: $478.00
Price: $419.05
Availability: In Stock
Inner Strength Item #: ISPETCH -

The Element portable massage table features a quality hardwood frame and high-quality hardwood deck gives the Inner Strength Element table both the strength and durability that you need. Combine that with the luxurious 100% PU Vinyl and the 2-1/2" multi-density cushioning foam system and you have a table that is truly the "standard" in massage tables. The Element portable massage chair features 2" two layer high density form and weighs only 16 lbs while having a working weight capability of...

Real Bodyworks Mastering Chair Massage DVD - Chair massage will open up new options for your practice.
Price: $28.99
Availability: In Stock
Real Bodywork Item #: RBMCMDVD -

Instructor Diana Hanes brings technical skills and a clear teaching style together to help you learn to "master the art" of chair massage. She covers advanced techniques and foundational material such as how to properly set up your massage chair, correct bodymechanics necessary for you the therapist to be able to provide long term effective therapy, client - therapist communication, the business of chair massage, and how to adapt your sequence and marketing. After you...

StrongLite Sternum Pad - Add this sternum pad to your portable massage chair for better client positioning and comfort.
Retail: $40.00
Price: $38.95
Availability: In Stock
EarthLite Massage Item #: ELABLSP -

Add this Sternum Pad to your portable massage chair for better client positioning and comfort. This sternum pad is made for the Earthlite Vortex but will fit most portable massage chairs including the Stronglite Ergo Pro II and the Earthlite Avila. Order a replacement here! Material: Premium NaturesTouch Vinyl, massage qualityCondition: NewAvailability: In Stock ...

We sell to students, professionals, and amateurs, and we think anyone with a serious desire to offer massage therapy services could benefit from having a good quality massage chair. And notice that we say "good quality" because there are definitely cheaper massage chairs then the ones we carry, but remember that you get what you pay for, and honestly there are some chairs that we ourselves would not buy, or even sit on. Massage King has chosen to sell the ones we think are the best, or that we think fills a definite need. We want you to get a good quality professional level massage chair package that's adjustable, big enough to let your clients feel comfortable, and strong enough to last.

Because the needs of our customers is so diverse, we have to create a variety of packages to meet everyone's needs. When you get a preconfigured or factory configured massage chair package it gives you the opportunity to save some money. Massage chair packages almost always sell for less than the sum of their components. It's true that others are simply designed to make ordering more convenient and may cost a bit more than ordering one item each at a time, but that is a rarity.

You just can't go wrong with a factory configured massage chair package. Almost all include the chair itself, a headrest platform and cushion, and a carrying case, which you will really need. Occasionally you will find a package that includes a sternum pad, or face pillow covers.