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We offer all the massage supplies, massage accessories, and massage equipment you are searching for, and we try to carry all the major brands. Massage King sells massage oil, massage table sheets, and massage bolster pillows with a wide selection and variety of brand names and styles of almost every accessory. Need some massage oil? No problem! Search through our huge selection of massage oil, creams, and lotions . Don't forget to check out our starter massage supplies package. It's perfect for a massage student or a new massage professional!

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We know the selection of massage supplies can be overwhelming. From so many name brands, with so many products each! Heck, just the selection of scents, ingredients, and sizes of massage oil is overwhelming. Grapeseed, or rice bran, or jojoba, which should you get? Now then, do you need that in an oil, or a lotion, or a cream? It's enough to give you a headache. We suggest to just accept that you can't know it all, and can't try them all at once. Talk to other therapists, ask to see their lotions and oils to see if they have one you like, and go from there. Read about the difference between flannel sheets sets or Percale, or Jersey to decide which is best for you. Even if you buy something you really don't like then chances are the manufacturer or reseller will offer to send a replacement or exchange. Over time you'll find the massage oil that works best for you, the sheet sets that you like the most, and a massage bolster pillow that you just can't do without.