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Background music with nature sounds for massage and spa treatments.

Music with Nature Sounds

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At Peace Media Aleutian Meditation - Music for a kinder, gentler world
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Reviewers have aptly described the music of Aleutian Meditation as "warm, rich, and resonant", with lush tones, calming tempos and soulful flute riffs that "sweep away all worries and cares of the land-locked world..." A life-enhancing, spacious feeling sweeps over the listener, resulting in a calm awareness and a feeling of peace and relaxation. Sophisticated and soulful layering of flutes, sonorous synthesizer, the gentle lapping of ocean waves and the wistful sound of...

Theres No Place Like Ohm Vol. 1 -
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Lemniscate Music Item #: LMCDVOL1 -

Musical Composition created in the Ohm frequency, harmonizes beautifully with the Ohm Tuning Forks. Listening to the CD There's No Place Like Ohm and the Ohm Tuning Forks together produce a beautiful harmonic or "stereo effect." While listening to the CD, place the forks on your body in specific places where there is tightness to relax the tension. Created without human voice, in the musical key of Ohm, this CD features instead the voices heard in nature through wind instruments and animals...

Theres No Place Like Ohm Vol. 2 -
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Lemniscate Music Item #: LMCDVOL2 -

A new release from Marjorie de Muynck. In the midst of her own holistic and natural healing journey from cancer, Marjorie musically explores the restorative power of Ohm (OM), an earth tone, and the beautiful & healing effects of animal sounds. As a subtly textured wave of sound, the Ohm drone carries and lifts each featured instrument. This beautiful interweaving of natural and animal sounds creates an unhurried dialogue between wind and string instruments, and the earth sounds that inspired...