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Pisces New Wave II Lite Massage Table Package - Lite weight massage table thats only 23.5 pounds and portable.
Price: $539.00
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Pisces Productions Item #: PINW2L -

A light weight massage table you will love! Whether you say light weight table, or lite weight table, at 23.5 pounds you'll be surprised just how light this massage table is when you compare it to a traditional massage table. Replacing the typical wooden top of the massage table with a woven web of straps allows for huge weight savings. And, because the woven web top also gives or flexes a bit more than the wooden deck, less padding is needed for comfort which in turn also shaves off even more...

Pisces Dolphin II Massage Chair - Pisces Dolphin II portable massage chair; unique design, TOTAL relaxation.
Price: $599.00
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Pisces Productions Item #: PID2MC -

Pisces Dolphin II massage chair has a wheeled base and is SUPER light at only 16.5 pounds.  Very easy to transport.  And once you've used it, its very easy to set up too! We have several chairs in stock here in our Louisiana showroom.  We sell a lot of these chairs locally because therapists are able to sit on and try for themselves several different chairs in person. And once you try the Dolphin II, there is no comparison. YES, it is a unique design. Don't let...