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For the Prenatal Massage Therapist or the mom-to-be, MassageKing brings to you a collection of pillows, support systems and pregnancy massage videos.

Expectant moms can experience sore backs, discomfort from stretched skin, off balance adjusted center of gravity, and painful swollen or sore breasts. Our collection of pregnancy pillows, breast massage creams, and instructional pregnancy massage DVDs can help bring relief and comfort.

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Bean Products Maternity Pillow -
Price: $49.00
Availability: Discontinued
Bean Products Item #: BPIMP -

Our Maternity Pillow is uniquely designed to support the growing belly and the lower back at the same time. It features an adjustable velcro pad between the two support cushions for your personal comfort and convenient carry handles. Made from 100% natural cotton cover and filled with premium hypo allergenic polyfill. Machine washable and dry able. The Maternity Pillow aids in side lying sleep, the prefered position for pregnant woman. Available in Natural, White and Granny Stripe (blue and...

Body Support Systems Body Cushion Pregnancy Package - The only adjustable pregnancy positioner!
Price: $929.00
Availability: Active
Body Support Systems Item #: BSSPP1SB -

Eliminates the need for pillows, rolled towels, and "one size fits all" pregnancy positions.This Pro Pregnancy System along with the 5 piece Adjuster Set allows for perfect positioning for pregnancy. This is the comfort pregnant women are looking for! This system allows you to move, adjust, and customize the pads, placement, and height as needed to remove the strain on the muscles, skeleton, and soft tissue that can be associated with pregnancy when laying down either on the back, side, or...

Mastering Pregnancy Massage DVD - The complete pregnancy massage techniques DVD
Price: $48.95
Availability: In Stock
Real Bodywork Item #: RBMPMDVD -

Mastering Pregnancy Massage DVD was developed and taught by Leslie Stager.  She has been teaching and practicing bodywork for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum since 1992. As a former Labor and Delivery nurse, Childbirth educator, and Midwifery Clinic Nurse, Leslie brings her vast knowledge and technical expertise to this program. Clearly filmed and enhanced with computer graphics, this DVD will lead you step by step through every aspect of Pregnancy Massage from beginning to end. AS a...