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Pregnancy massage (pre-natal massage) is massage therapy designed for the expectant mother. The mother's body is adjusted to ensure comfort and safety for both the baby and mother. Pregnancy massage is used to reduce stress, reduce anxiety and depression, relieve aches and pains and decrease swelling.


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At Peace Media The Art of Pre-Natal Massage DVD - Excellent DVD for common discomforts of pregnant women
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From here to maternity . . . now you too, can enjoy the rich experience of Pre-Natal Massage with this beautifully produced video. Learn specific techniques for treating the common discomforts of pregnant women. This valuable video offers step by step instruction and has a free booklet inside detailing massage techniques that are therapeutic, effective and based on sound physiological principals.

Infant Massage:  The Power of Touch Video -
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V.I.E.W. Video Item #: VIEWIM -

Infant massage is a simple, gentle process proven to help ease colic, digestive problems, fussienss and a host of other ocmmon discomforts in babies. Doctors worlwide have recognized the positive impace of massage on infants' well-being. In her groundbreaking research, Dr. Tiffany Field, Director of the Touch Research Center at the University of Miami, discovered that "...[massaged babies] are more active, gain weight faster and become more efficient. It's amazing how much...

Mastering Pregnancy Massage DVD - The complete pregnancy massage techniques DVD
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Mastering Pregnancy Massage DVD was developed and taught by Leslie Stager.  She has been teaching and practicing bodywork for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum since 1992. As a former Labor and Delivery nurse, Childbirth educator, and Midwifery Clinic Nurse, Leslie brings her vast knowledge and technical expertise to this program. Clearly filmed and enhanced with computer graphics, this DVD will lead you step by step through every aspect of Pregnancy Massage from beginning to end. AS a...

Real Bodywork Its Baby Time! DVD - This is the ultimate shower gift!
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Infant massage, exercises, games, karaoke sing-alongs, original animations and a cool soundtrack make "It's Baby Time" a revolutionary way to spend time with your infant! This DVD includes three fun routines plus techniques to address common issues!