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Find the best massage stone collection to fit your massage needs. Our massage stones are hand picked and shipped directly from our warehouse.

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Hot Stone Massage DVD - A great resource for learning the techniques of hot stone massage therapy.
Price: $29.95
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Institute for Therapeutic Massage Item #: STONEVIDEOITMD -

This DVD has been one of our best sellers for hot stone massage training and as an educational resource to our customers. This DVD was originally used as part of a Hot Stone CEU curriculum. This video, produced by the Institute for Massage and Spa Therapy Education (IMSTE), is designed to show the benefits and contraindications of using hot stones while providing 2 full- body and facial demonstrations (by different therapists) to help you integrate one of the most requested spa services into...

8 oz. Bottle with Pump - Replacement 8oz massage oil bottle and pump for lotions and oils.
Price: $2.49
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MassageKing Item #: GC8OZWP -

We suggest at least 3 extra 8oz bottles to hold your favorite massage oil in smaller portions.  Leave one unscented, mix one with a calming essential oil such as lavender, and mix one with an invigorating scent such as citrus or peppermint.

Hot Stone Massage Complete Starter Kit - All you need to start giving great hot stone massage sessions!
Retail: $149.99
Price: $139.99
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Availability: Discontinued
MassageKing Item #: COMPLETESTSET -

  Your clients will truly enjoy the benefits of a hot stone massage with our top quality, hand selected (and balanced in pairs) massage stones. This is a great relaxation and stress relieving offering that you can add to your massage practice. Our set features REAL, NATURAL, basalt stones known for the heat retaining properties. We import them from Peru, wash them, and then hand select them in balanced pairs for your client's comfort. Our Hot Stone Massage Kit includes:  Stone...

Hot Stone Massage Set 50 pieces - Hot stone set with large, medium, small, toe, trigger, facial, & palm stones. Perfect!
Retail: $64.95
Price: $62.95
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Availability: Discontinued
MassageKing Item #: Rocks -

  What makes our massage stone set the best in the industry? We take care to wash and cull our stones for size, shape, and smoothness. We hand select the best stones and pair our large, medium, palm, and trigger stones together for balance. Geologist Certified as Basalt Shipped oil-free for hypoallergenic safety. "Because of the high quality of the stones and the consistency of each stone set we continue to order several of these sets each semester."  Amy, massage...

Fundamental Stone Set - Our most popular hot stone set!
Retail: $104.95
Price: $99.95
Availability: Discontinued
MassageKing Item #: MKFSS -

Massage King's Fundamental Stone Set comes complete with 50 premium Basalt massage stones, 7 exquisite Chakra stones with placement guide and hand sewn pouch.

Hot Stone Massage Gift Set -
Price: $99.99
Availability: Discontinued
MassageKing Item #: StoneSpecial1 -

Large 18qt Hot Stone Warmer. ($69) Its automatic temperature control enables you to set the temperature so your stones are automatically maintained at that temperature. This unit has a built in basin for stones, lid rest and temperature control knob. Imported basalt massage stones ($29) from South America. Hand selected from beaches along the coast. This 20 piece set includes 2 Large, 6 Medium, 8 Small and 4 Facial Stones. Un-Oiled - Other manufacturers ship their stones already oiled. In...

Large Massage Stones set of 6 - Stones shown in picture have been oiled.
Retail: $49.95
Price: $34.95
Availability: Discontinued
MassageKing Item #: LLMSGE6 -

Large hot stone massage rocks come in a set of eight. These stones will arrive unoiled and are shown oiled in picture above. We hand pick our stones for a balance of smoothness, shape, and consistency within the set.  However, due to the fact that these are REAL basalt stones, there is always some natural variation in size, shape, texture, and color.

Silver color 18 quart warmer with removeable pan.
Price: $65.00
Availability: Discontinued
MassageKing Item #: MKSTWMR -

Our large Hot Stone Warmer Heater is suitable for all Hot Massage Stone sets. This unit operates in the same way as more expensive units which claim to be specifically geared to hot stone therapy in that they both heat and hold a large volume of water and stones. The difference is that the more expensive units which are "especially for stone therapy" cost more, usually have a stainless steel finish, and have wording which relates to stone therapy. Many, many therapists have told us they didn't...

Soothing Touch Basics Unscented Massage Oil all sizes
Price: $6.09
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Soothing Touch Item #: SOTBOB -

Soothing Touch Basics unscented massage oil ingredients: Rice Bran Oil (Oryza sativa), High Oleic, Expeller Pressed Sunflower Seed Oil (Helianthus annuus), Glyceryl Cocoate (Water dispersant, naturally derived from coconut oil), Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E).

Trigger Point Stone - Basalt trigger point massage stone is hand shaped and polished smoothed.
Price: $7.95
Availability: Discontinued
MassageKing Item #: MKTRIGSTONE -

Known for their heat retaining qualities basalt stones are ideal for hot stone massage therapy.

Large Chakra Stones - Chakra stone sets are used for balancing body energy.
Price: $19.95
Availability: Discontinued
MassageKing Item #: CHAKRA -

Need a Chakra Reference Guide poster? Click for our full color 24" x 36" poster available will serve as a great reference guide for you and your client to help better understand your practice. See images below, you can add this poster when choosing your order options.  These Chakra stones made up of clear quartz, amethyst, lapis, green aventurine, golden quartz, carnelian and red jasper.  They are used for balancing ones personal energy in the "new -age" and...