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You need a massage table warmer year round. Yes, all year long. Whether your room is cool in the winter from the weather, or cool in the summer because you have the air conditioner turned low so you don't sweat on your client. Either way, your client will be cold, and a table warmer is the perfect solution.

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Earthlite Professional Table Warmer with 3 settings and half inch thick fleece.
Retail: $69.00
Price: $65.00
Availability: Active
EarthLite Item #: ELATWP -

Earthlite's Professional Massage Table Warmer is truly a professional grade, commercial grade massage table warmer. And being that it is made with fleece it has the added benefit of being both a table warmer and fleece pad in-one. This table warmer is made with a 0.5" thick fleece cover and a 3-level temperature warming element with overheat protection. This provides for both exceptional comfort and safety.  In case your wondering, yes this fleece is thick enough so...

EarthLite Samadhi-Pro Deluxe Massage Table Warmer - A massage table warmer and fleece pad all in one!
Retail: $129.00
Price: $115.00
Availability: Active
EarthLite Item #: ELAFTWS -

This table warmer is Earthlite’s top of the line digital DLX™ warmer. It features a plush fleece outer cover and a proprietary digital warming pad offering programmable temperatures up to 135° and time settings up to 10 hours. Overheat protection and automatic shutoff provide added safety and security. The fitted 1” (2.5cm) fleece cover is conveniently removable for machine washing. Bonus: This warmer is a two-in-one because it can serve 2 purposes! You can use this both as a...

Oakworks Premium Fleece Table Warmer pad retail picture.
Retail: $115.00
Price: $98.00
Availability: Active
Oakworks Item #: OWATWP -

ON BACKORDER until end of July 2021. A premium massage table warmer fleece pad by Oakworks that is suitable for all of your tables. It has a 1 inch thick and luxurious fleece that feels great; comforting, soft, and warm to the touch. This fleece warmer pad can fit almost any table and distributes heat evenly while surrounding your clients in plush comfort. The digital hand control features continuous, real time temperature read out with a programmable, auto shut-off feature of...

Custom Craftworks Table Warmer - Warm and cozy, theyll love you for it!
Price: $82.16
Availability: Active
Custom CraftWorks Item #: CCALCTW -

The Table Warmer gently warms from underneath, keeping your clients comfortable during treatments. Seven heat settings let you get the temperature just right. Available in two sizes, 24" x 60" and 26" x 67".

Bodyworkers Choice massage table warmer sell sheet
Retail: $49.00
Price: $44.95
Availability: In Stock
EarthLite Item #: ELATWBWC -

Earthlite Bodyworkers Choice Massage Table Warmer is a must have for the cool winter months, and even cool air conditioned rooms. NOTE: as with most electrical devices, this table warmers is NOT washable or submersible and should be spot cleaned only. 

Massage Table Top Packages - Table warmer, Fleece and Flannel massage table covering options to fit your budget.
Price: $115.00
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Availability: Discontinued
Oakworks Item #: OWTTP -

We offer three different massage table top packages with Oakworks accessories. Basic:  - Features Oakworks basic accessories, stick to the basics and save in this package deal. This package includes: Flannel sheet set (fitted, flat, and face rest) Massage table fleece pad Fleece face rest cover Flannel face rest cozy cover Premium:  - Featuring an electric table fleece warmer for increase warmth. This package includes: Premium massage table warmer Flannel sheet set (fitted, flat, and...