Protecting your Privacy

We appreciate the value of privacy on the internet as much as you do. Read these policies below to find out more about how we use and protect your private information.


No customer information is ever given to a third party except in the normal process of fulfilling your order. We NEVER give out credit card information, nor do we give out any other customer's information (phone numbers, addresses, items ordered, email addresses, etc.) over the phone or by any other means to anyone except in the event that the product a customer ordered is to be shipped from one of our vendors and not from our warehouse in Broussard, Louisiana. In that event, we only give out the shipping information and the order. Finally, we have never in the past nor will we in the future sell any of our customer's information to third party marketers or spammers.


We will not use customer accounts to generate unsolicited bulk eMail. We have never sent out mass email to all of our customers with the exception of those that have told us that they wish to receive periodical emails from us, and in that case it is never more than once a month, if at all. If we were to send advertisements out this way, we would only contact customers who have sent us email in the past. Therefore, any customers who have given us their email address but have not written us in the past will not receive any mail from us except their tracking numbers and any invoices they request. If you have any concerns, please contact us at (800) 290-3932.