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Clinical Mastery in the Treatment of Myofascial Pain Textbook - Learn innovative treatment plans today!
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Availability: Discontinued
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Sadly, we're showing this title as discontinued.We recommend you consider this book instead:  Travell & Simon's Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction Set ( on the myofascial pain management principles established by Drs. Travell and Simons, this practical resource takes the Travell single-muscle method to the next level by defining matrices of muscle groups and offering treatment solutions from a variety of disciplines. ...

Therapeutic Exercise:  Moving Toward Function, Second Edition Textbook - An excellent manual for prescribing and teaching therapeutic exercise!
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Availability: Discontinued
Item #: ANATE2 -

This updated reference offers a comprehensive guide to prescribing therapeutic exercise for restoring function. Case studies, accompanied by complete exercise programs (including dosage and sequencing information), address how to choose and teach appropriate exercises, and how to evaluate their effects on desired outcome.

A Massage Therapists Guide to Pathology 6th Edition Textbook
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Availability: Discontinued
Item #: ANAGP3 -

This Fourth Edition has been reorganized to include an introductory chapter on fundamental concepts and a concluding chapter on cancer. This edition also includes Modality Recommendation Charts offering specific advice about modalities to pursue or avoid in various circumstances. New topices covered include myeloma, sickle cell disease and autism spectrum disorders.  A bound-in CD-ROM includes animations, video clips, interactive flashcards, quiz questions, an audio glossary, and...

Hands Heal Essentials: Documentation for Massage Therapists - The most practical reference you can use for wellness charting!
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Availability: Discontinued
Item #: ANAHHE -

You'll find guidelines for on-site massage; relaxation and spa therapies, completed sample forms, helpful exercises, light-hearted, chapter-reinforcing stories, and insightful quotes. This 5th Edition of Hands Heal offers massage therapy students comprehensive coverage of communication, assessment, and electronic and paper documentation skills, from taking client histories and setting functional goals to documenting treatment outcomes. Reflecting the latest changes in the curriculum and the...

Joint Motion and Function Assessment Textbook - Sharpen your muscle testing skills!
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Availability: Discontinued
Item #: ANAJMFA -

High-quality photographs and illustrations enhance this concise, yet comprehensive, practical guide to the evaluation of joint and functional ROM. Rare depictions of the therapist's hand and goniometer positions in relation to deep anatomical structures in ROM measurement end positions are included. You'll sharpen your muscle testing skills with instructions on palpation technique, muscle length assessment, and contraindications and precautions in evaluating ROM.