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The Lynx offers you a compact, portable solution for stretching, relaxing and decompressing your body. With your ankles secured in the contoured foot supports, pushing firmly with your hands on the leverage handles results in a great stretch.
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Lynx Portable Back Stretcher - Stretching with the Lynx
Price: $99.95
Availability: Discontinued
Item #: HULPBS -

This product has been discontinued at Massage King and is not available for purchase. The moderate, self-administered traction achieved when using the Lynx Portable Back Stretcher helps to re-align the spine, increase flexibility in the joints, promote relaxation and improve posture through better alignment. Decompressing the discs enables them to re-hydrate for better shock absorption and reduced back pain. The Lynx Portable Back Stretcher, another product that will help you to achieve a...