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Q-puncture, Inc. is a leading developer and supplier of high quality educational software for acupuncture and oriental medicine. We develop educational software not only to teach acupuncture, but also to emphasize and increase the understanding of oriental medicine by the western culture. Our core product, "Qpuncture - Tao of Medicine," is a self-study/reference guide CD-Rom containing principles of both oriental and western medicines, and 3D animations of acupoints and needling methods as well as 3D illustrations of flow in channels.
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Qpuncture Jade Hot and Cold Pack - Use for cold and hot therapy
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 This is our Qpuncture Jade Hot and Cold Pack. This hot and cold pack is a very popular item with our customers, and contains natural unprocessed Jade. Since ancient times, Jade has been regarded as a mystical stone that bestows therapeutic effects just from having it close to the body. Many studies in China, Korea, and Germany have stated that the Qi energy generated from Jade removes fatigue, helps rejuvenate the body, and refreshes your mind. Because this pack can...

Qdex Index Guide of Acupoints 2nd Edition - QDex Reference acupuncture guide book is handy and informative.
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This acupunture guide book will come in handy both as a reference guide for you the therapist, and as an explanational tool with your clients.  

Qpuncture Herbal Infrared Vaporizer and Vaginal Steamer - Fast and effortless setup
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1. How it works? This herbal vaporizer is very effective, and very simple to use!  First, put water into the reservoir.  Second, place the herbs on the included tray.  Third, turn on the power.  The steam with the essence effect of the herbs and infrared will go up and penetrate into your senses and your skin.  Though not evaluated or endorsed by the FDA, people have experienced beneficial effects of herbs and vaporizers on organs such as their womb, bladder and anus....