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Body Support Systems BodyCushion Pro System for Spine Positioning
  • Body Support Systems BodyCushion Pro System for Spine Positioning
  • BodyCushion Pro System exploded to show components
  • Body Support Systems adjuster set is configurable for a body arch.
  • BodyCushion support system prone
  • BodyCushion support system supine
  • BodyCushion system configured for hanging legs over side to open spine
  • BodyCushion Pro System configured for side leg opening

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  • The Pro System includes 4 piece bodyCushion, 5 Adjusters, 4 Extenders and an Adjuster Caddy Bag
  • Eliminates the need for pillows, rolled towels, and "one size fits all" pregnancy positions.
  • Provides stable, comfortable support face down or side-lying

The bodyCushion Pro system from body support systems yields better, faster results in treating clients than a flat table. Imagine what it's like to be completely supported, so your muscles are completely relaxed! Imagine how much better the outcomes can be. Patented, specific density construction provides optimal support for reducing pressure and tension in your client's bodies so that your work will be more effective. The bodyCushion is revolutionizing the way you work by bringing an unprecedented level of comfort to your clients.

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    • Warranty: Lifetime limited foam
    • Condition: New
    • Availability: In Stock

    • Support Extenders and Adjusters - allow you to provide the best possible positioning for larger and longer frames, frame variations and pregnancy!

    • 4-piece bodyCushion
    • 5 Adjusters
    • 4 Extenders
    • Caddy bag
    • Plus detailed, printed instructions