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Body Support Systems BodyCushion System 4-Piece - Developed by a massage practitioner to maximize his client's comfort
  • Body Support Systems BodyCushion System 4-Piece - Developed by a massage practitioner to maximize his client's comfort
  • BodyCushion massage support system prone
  • BodyCushion massage support system supine
  • BodyCushion 4-Piece System Connected
  • Choose between Split-Leg or Single-Piece leg support for your Body Cushion
  • Image of Breast Protector chest piece
  • bodyCushion Split-leg cushion application
  • Body Cushion 4-Piece Cover Set
  • BodyCushion design and foam contours.

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  • This is the 4-piece set which includes Face, Chest, Pelvic, and Full or Split-Leg Supports.
  • All pieces, including the face support base, are connected with Velcro straps.
  • This system also comes with a set of instructions and a crescent face pad that comfortably surrounds and supports the face without excessive pressure on the sensitive sinus area.
  • The bodyCushion allows gravity to become a modality, enhancing a variety of treatments and thereby optimizing therapy outcomes

The BodyCushion 4 piece system from Body Support systems provides comfortable massage support. When the body is relaxed, all soft tissue work is easier and more effective. A high-tech body positioning system, the bodyCushion allows a person to lie in any position without unnecessary pressure on soft tissue areas. Supporting the body on its bony structures- clavicles, ribs, sternum, pelvis- enables the body's soft structural components to relax, deeply. The bodyCushion is unmatched in enabling this effect.

Optional 100% cotton cover set includes elastic fitted covers for all 4 pieces of the bodyCushion set.

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    • Warranty: Lifetime limited foam
    • Condition: New
    • Availability: In Stock

    • Therapeutic - affording decompression of joints and relaxation of muscles
    • High Quality Foam - will soften to some extent over time, as will any high quality foam, but it is guaranteed to never go flat

    • Face Support
    • Chest Support
    • Pelvic Support
    • Leg Support
    • Plus detailed, printed instructions