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Essential 3 Rosehip Carrier Oil -

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  • We believe this oil will be the next "vogue" item in cosmetics.
  • Because it is wild growing, it is seen as organic, but not certified.
  • Use it at all levels and it is a useful addition to all blends.
  • When blending essential oils with carrier oils, follow the instructions contained on the leaflet of each essential oil, following the precautions.
  • As with essential oils, blends of synergies, carrier oils can be used to optimize the effects.
  • For example, to make a really rich massage oil for dry skin, add some jojoba oil to sweet almond oil.
  • For mature skin, add some evening primrose or rosehip oil, for their added benefit.

Our Rosehip oil is collected from the wild growing Rosa Canina in the Peruvian Andes. This oil is said to have skin regenerative properties, and is good for aged skin, wrinkles and scar tissue, etc. It is naturally very nourishing and is one of the few oils that contains vitamin C, which is known for its healing properties.

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    Carrier oils are known as base oils, massage oils or fixed oils. These oils are extracted in different ways from various types and parts of the plants, including the nuts, seeds, leaves and flowers. At Essential 3, we select what we believe to be the best carrier oils. Where possible we use unrefined versions of the oils that often contain more natural goodness, including vitamins and other beneficial ingredients. Carrier oils are needed in aromatherapy to dilute essential oils to a level that is safe to be massaged onto the skin. Carrier oils are mainly made up of fatty acids or lipids. These fatty acids do have their own therapeutic uses that can be of benefit on their own or in conjunction with essential oils.

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