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Real Bodyworks Mastering Chair Massage DVD - Chair massage will open up new options for your practice.

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  • 30 & 15 min. sequences
  • Marketing tips
  • 50 plus techniques

Master the methods of Chair Massage with this beautifully designed educational massage program of over 50 therapeutic techniques that can be incorporated into a 10, 15, or 30 minute chair massage. This instructional DVD covers advanced chair techniques as well as foundational material. Many of the techniques are supported by anatomical graphics that make learning easy.

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    Instructor Diana Hanes brings technical skills and a clear teaching style together to help you learn to "master the art" of chair massage. She covers advanced techniques and foundational material such as how to properly set up your massage chair, correct bodymechanics necessary for you the therapist to be able to provide long term effective therapy, client - therapist communication, the business of chair massage, and how to adapt your sequence and marketing. After you have mastered the techniques, the video includes a timed 15 minute session so you can "master the art" of timing as well.  Many of the techniques are supported by anatomical graphics that will make learning easy.

    • Length: 91 min.
    • Format: DVD
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