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Essential 3 Jasmine/Fractionated Coconut Diluted Oil - Jasminum Officinale

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  • Dilutes not only save time but also reduce the cost of these valuable oils to an affordable blend.
  • Pain relief in a massage blend and in a vaporizer for its anti-depressant properties to help to uplift.
  • Use in skin care treatments for both its fragrance and to help relieve dry and sensitive skins.
  • Said in Aromatherapy to be invaluable for the symptoms of postnatal depression.

Essential 3 dilutes are a uniquely formulated blend of pure essential oil or absolute diluted in fractionated coconut carrier oil (5% essential oil to 95% fractionated coconut oil). Often classed as the king of the essential oils. They have been created as a blend for a ready to use treatment for small areas or applied to pulse points. Jasmine is used for pain relief in a massage blend, in a vaporizer for its anti-depressant properties or used inskin treatments for both it fragrance and to help relieve dry and sensitive skins.

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    Produced by solvent extraction the oil is dark in color and has a beautiful perfume with a sweet, floral, exquisitely extravagant odor. Jasmine blends well with Rose(s), Sandlawood(s), Clary Sage, Lemon, Orange and Bergamot. To keep this oil at its best, keep cool, ideally in the refridgerator. This helps protect the oil. Jasmine is used extensively in cosmetics and high-class perfumery. The dried flowers are also used in jasmine tea. Jamsine takes large quantites of flowers to produce small amounts of oil, hence the cost. In fact, it takes approximately 8 million petals to make only 1 kila of essential oil.

    • Size: .33 oz.
    • Origin: Egypt
    • Condition: New
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    • Caution: Non-Toxic. Rarely, may cause skin irritation in some individuals. Please read separate directions if you are, or suspect that you may be pregnant

    • Many Uses - Anti-depressant, antiseptic, calming, soothing, aphrodisiac, mildly stimulating and uplifting.
    • Blends Well With - Rose(s), Sandalwood(s), Clary Sage, Lemon, Orange and Bergamot.
    • Main Components - Benzyl acetate, linalol, benzyl alcohol, farnesol, cis-3-jasmone among others.