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At Peace Media Forearm Dance Video - As invigorating for the practitioner as it is healing for the client!

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  • Massage techniques designed to benefit therapists and clients
  • Save your hands by using the forearm and olecranon
  • Supoort your health and well-being through improved body mechanics

Val Guin's Forearm Dance™ is a NEW practitioner-friendly, instructional massage program that focuses on giving a full body curculatory massage combined with the depth and muscular separation found in deep tissue work. Discover an invigorating, groundbreaking massage technique that combines efficient body mechanics with the use of only the Forearm and Olecranon as tools.

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    This instructional program demonstrates the importance of self-care for massage and bodywork practitioners, and offers a variety of techniques in easy-to-access DVD chapters.  The massage techniques designed in Forearm Dance™ will benefit therapists with varying degrees of experience in their own massage careers, regardless of their personal health status. The practitioner benefits include saving your hands by using the forearm and olecranon as your massage tools, supporting your health and well-being through the use of improved body mechanics and opening your body and increasing your energy with Val's step-by-step, 'Spiral' exercise. Your clients benefit with customized techniques that are individualized to meet each clients needs. Continuity of strokes encourages client to de-stress, relax and enjoy the healthy benefits of massage and bodywork.

    • Run Time: 3+ hours
    • Format: DVD
    • Condition: New
    • Availability: In Stock

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