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Hot Stone Massage Set 50 pieces - Hot stone set with large, medium, small, toe, trigger, facial, & palm stones. Perfect!

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Our Hot Stone Massage Set is a complete set! 50 black basalt massage stones, with specialty stones, for working stones, pedicures, and facials. Genuine volcanic Basalt massage stones! Imported from Central and South America, these genuine Basalt massage stones naturally retain heat longer which make them an excellent choice for therapists to use in hot stone massage.

See detailed Stone Set descriptions below.

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      What makes our massage stone set the best in the industry?
      • We take care to wash and cull our stones for size, shape, and smoothness.
      • We hand select the best stones and pair them together for balance.
      • Geologist Certified as Basalt
      • Shipped oil-free for hypoallergenic safety.

    "Because of the high quality of the stones and the consistency of each stone set we continue to order several of these sets each semester."  Amy, massage instructor. 

    We offer 2 sets of hot stone massage stones. Both sets are hand sorted for size and washed. It is important to note that because these are genuine Basalt stones and are hence a natural earthen product, there is always some variation in the stones from set to set. No two sets will be exactly alike, though all sets are culled for consistency within the set. If you are wondering if you will be happy with our stones, suffice it to say that in 10 years, we've only had 2 returned. We take pride in offering the best massage stone sets in the industry!


    Set 1: $45.00 Our budget quality set:  50 of 2nd quality small, medium, and large massage stones.

      This set features stones that may be perfect in size or shape or color or texture, but not all 4. Hence they are deemed to be 2nd quality due to color, or irregularity in shape, or surface imperfections. In other words, these stones are more "natural". Although they are guaranteed to be smooth on the client facing side, they may have have more variation with small to medium pock marks, lines or gashes. These stones hold heat and are just as soothing as our more expensive stones, and your client may never realize the difference. Perfect for those on a budget who are just getting into hot stone therapy.

      This set features:
      • Comprised of 2nd quality stones
      • 8 Toe stones
      • 4 Facial Stones
      • 14 Small stones (about 1" to1.5" size)
      • 18 Medium stones (about 2" to 3" size)
      • 5 Large stones (about 3" to 4.25" size)
      • 1 Sacral Stone ((4.25 - 5.5 inches)


    Set 2: $65.00  50 premium quality hot stone basalt massage stones with specialty stones.

      Features higher quality stones than our budget set.  These massage stones have undergone thorough screening and been sorted for size, color and shape. Stones in this set will be smoother and more consistent across the set with very few (if any) marks or lines and are more visually appealing. It is important to remember that all of our stones are 100 percent natural so some variation in size, smoothness and shape is natural though we have done our best to minimize this. These stones are washed, culled, and sorted and paired for balance.

      Our Premium Massage Stone Set includes:
      • Comprised of 1st quality stones
      • 8 Toe Stones
      • 4 Facial Stones
      • 2 Palm Stones
      • 1 Neck / Pillow Stone
      • 2 Trigger Stones
      • 1 Sacral Stone (>4.5 inches)
      • 12 Small Stones (about 1" to 1.5" size)
      • 14 Medium Working/Placement Stones (about  2" to 3" size)
      • 6 Large Working/Placement Stones (about 3" to 4.25" size)

    Our massage stones are imported basalt stones from the beaches of Mexico, Peru, Central America and South America. Hand selected from beaches along the coast, these massage stones are an excellent tool for therapists. These Basalt Stones naturally hold heat which make them the perfect stones for hot stone massage therapy.

    Again, it is important to remember that our stones are 100% natural basalt massage stones. Have you ever seen those "perfect" little sets, all the same size and shape, in nice little wooden boxes? Usually these are actually man made by someone who sits all day to carve a softer soap stone. Soap stone is soft and will easily absorb more moisture, which is why they have to seal them with a hard chemical sealant. That's why they look so shiny and perfect. Nothing natural about that! In fact, once you break or crack the sealant, it will flake off and you can scratch the underlying stone with your fingernail; we don't think you want those stones; we don't sell them.

    If you have ever wondered why massage stones are priced the way they are, you have to look behind the scenes.  First you have to make sure you get the right kind of stones, the ones that make them suitable to be called "hot stones".  In this case, we use basalt because of their mineral composition and density, they are excellent at holding heat longer than other kinds of stones such as marble or granite.  In our case, we get our massage stones from Peru. What would it cost to go to Peru, find the stones, get the heavy equipment in to collect them, bag them, put them on a truck, bring them to a boat, ship them to the USA, unload them off the boat and put them on another truck, drive the truck halfway across the country, and then incur the man hours to sort the stones, rinse them hand select them, bag them, and ship them?  Well, we can tell you it costs A LOT! We think we should sell them for double, but reality is we have to price them to be competitive with the ones from China that not even Basalt but rather a softer stone that is shaped on a grindstone and then sealed in a heavy chemical for hardness.  We are proud of our stones.  They are natural, have natural variation, and true massage quality hot stones


    • Count: 50
    • Stone: Certified Basalt Stone
    • Condition: new, natural
    • Availability: In Stock

    • Heat Retaining - These basalt stones, found imported from South America, naturally retain heat very well.
    • Hand Picked - Each set of 50 stones is hand-collected. The count of each type of rock has been created through discussions with our customers.
    • Adds Diversity - This modality of massage therapy gives you one more option to attract and satisfy your customers.
    • Un-Oiled - Other manufacturers ship their stones already oiled. In order to keep our rocks as hypoalergenic as possible, we do not pre-oil the stones, and we leave that for the customer to decide.

    • Bassalt Massage Stone Set for Hot Stone Massage.

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    I absolutely love my stones! They are exactly what I wanted. Perfect shapes and sizes. Beautiful and great quality! Highly recommend!

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    Good quality product with great service. Happy to support a small business