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Licensing Exam Prep Guide - Focus your studies by choosing the topic areas you need

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  • 175 test questions covering a wide range of Anatomy and Physiology
  • 35 questions about Body Mechanics & Safety.
  • 150 Massage & Bodywork questions.
  • And many many more.
  • Work at home with this On-Line Course

In this on-line course, we provide you with hundreds of questions that are designed to help you review the topics necessary to pass professional licensing exams. After all the school you’ve been through – take the time to use this course to help you get ready for you test!

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    This product has been discontinued at Massage King and is not available for purchase.

    Are you ready for your big exams? Looking for a way to review the mass of material? Calm your pre-testing concerns by giving yourself a quick and easy way to review concepts. This study guide gives you 500 questions in a number of different topic areas. Focus your studies by choosing the topic areas you feel the need to focus on.

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