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M2 Orion Massage Chair Recliner with Negative Ion Technology  - This model has been discontinued.
  • M2 Orion Massage Chair Recliner with Negative Ion Technology  - This model has been discontinued.
  • M2 Orion Massage Chair Remote Control
  • M2 Orion Massage Chair Front View

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Unfortunately, this model has been discontinued. 

The M-2 Negative-Ion Massage Chair by Omega Massage Chair is loaded with features!  Omega incorporates new technology into the M2 Orion with their negative-ion oxygen-bar.  The oxygen-bar creates a rise in the density of oxygen in stagnant air and allows your body to experience a healthier, more relaxing the enjoyable massage!  The beautiful, striking aesthetics but maintaining the comfort of an actual massage chair combined with the striking, unparalleled beauty of this chair will compliment any room.  It looks great, and feels even better!  The M-2 Negative-Ion Massage Chair brings state of the art technology and innovation at a price everyone can afford!

Price: $999.00
    Points to Purchase:99900
    Points Earned:999
    Bonus Points Earned:0

    This product has been discontinued at Massage King and is not available for purchase.


    Kneading and squeezing massage – Exclusive mechanism imitates a masseuse’s pull, press and knead muscles of the back with gentle excitation of the muscles, restores their elasticity and strengthen the blood circulation on the massaged spot and lets the body relax. 3 Auto Programs Pinpoint Massage Lower Body Thigh and Calf Massage Vibrating Massage Adjustable Speed Massage Settings Adjustable Back and Footrest Electronic Timer


    Available Colors:


    Massage Functions :

    • 3 Auto Programs – overall, back and waist
    • Kneading & Pinching Massage – imitates specialized therapist technique of pull, press and kneads
    • Finger pressing massage – imitates hand finger pressing of a masseuse
    • Swaying massage – gently adjusts spinal column and ligaments
    • Vibrating massage – promotes blood circulation in the capillary vessels
    • Thigh massage – eight massage-heads massage the thigh area mitigating aches and giving relief
    • Calf massage – soothing and relieving massage for the calves
    • Fixed position massage – pinpoints massage heads to specific spots
    • Timed massage – automatically shuts off after time is up avoiding wasting energy

    Advanced Feature : The Negative ion feature is designed to raise the oxygen density in the air. Increased oxygen density has been shown to increase energy levels, reduce fatigue and promote natural enjoyment


    Incline/Recline: Adjust backrest angle and foot-shelf to your preference

    Remote Control: Easy to use remote with electronic timer

    • Cover Fabric: Fire Retardant PVC Vinyl Leather
    • Weight:: 96 lbs
    • Dimension: Upright: W33' xD46' xH45 (Upright)
    • Massage Cycle Rating: 15 Minutes
    • Power Consumption: 120 Watts
    • Massage Stroke Length: 24 inches
    • Recline Angle: 115 - 175 Degrees
    • Dimension: Reclined: W33' xD60 xH33 (Recline)
    • Operating Voltage: 110~120V / 50~60Hz
    • Condition: New
    • Availability: In Stock

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    • Includes: - Digital Remote Detachable Headrest Detachable Back Cushion Detachable Seat Cushion