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Massage Table Sheets - Our massage table sheets fits most any massage table.
  • Massage Table Sheets - Our massage table sheets fits most any massage table.
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  • Massage Table Sheets

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  • Looks very professional
  • Very comfortable for your clients!
  • Machine washable

Our massage table sheets are available in both 100 percent cotton flannel or a Percale 65% cotton - 35% polyester blend. These sheet sets consists of a top sheet, a fitted sheet, and a crescent shape face cradle or headrest cover.

MASSAGE TABLE SHEETS IN FLANNEL: Available colors are Natural (true unbleached natural fibers) and White.  Available both as an imported set from Pakistan, or MADE IN THE USA! 

MASSAGE TABLE SHEETS IN COTTON-POLY BLEND: Colors available are either Bone or White.  MADE IN THE USA!

MASSAGE TABLE SHEETS IN JERSEY: No Pilling unlike flannel.  A blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, MADE IN THE USA!. 

All of our massage table sheets are designed to fit almost any manufacturer's massage table UP TO 34 inches wide, 78 inches long, and 6" deep (or thick).  

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    FLANNEL SHEET SETS: WHY BUY 100% COTTON FLANNEL SHEET SETS FOR YOUR MASSAGE TABLE? Some clients simply prefer the 100% cotton flannel sheet sets on the massage table because it has a warmer and more luxurious feel. Our 100 cotton flannel sheet set is a great addition to any massage table. Bring the warm and soft feeling of cotton to your massage with these great sheet sets. NOTE that flannel does tend to naturally pill after washing. If this is a concern for you then perhaps you should consider our Cotton/Poly blend sheets.

    COTTON-POLY SHEET SETS: WHY BUY COTTON / POLY BLEND SHEET SETS FOR YOUR MASSAGE TABLE? Some people do not like the flannel sheets because flannel has a high "friction" and tends to be pulled when your client adjusts, or when you slide your arms under or over the client, and may have to be constantly adjusted. For this reason, we also offer a sheet set made of a blend of cotton and polyester which tends to stay in place more during a therapy session.

    JERSEY SHEET SETS: WHY BUY JERSEY SHEETS FOR YOUR MASSAGE TABLE? Simple, no pilling! Jersey interlock linens are comfortable and do not pill up like flannel does after washing.

    We recommend a water dispersible massage oil that will wash cleanly out of your sheets, and we have several to choose from. Click here to visit our Massage Oil section to see all massage oils we carry.

    Please know that occasionally we may substitute a famous national brand of massage table sheets at no additional cost if our stock runs low so as not to delay our order. This ensures that we will ALWAYS be able to fulfill your order. You'll never have to worry about an "out of stock" or "backorder" situation when you order this sheet set.

    NOTE: These are "basic" sheet sets and will not be as thick or have as high a thread count as the more expensive sets.

    They are designed to fit almost any manufacturer's massage table UP TO 34 inches wide, 77 inches long, and 6" deep (or thick).

    The 100% flannel sheet set is made of PRE-SHRUNK cotton, however another 3 to 5 percent shrinkage may occur after washing, and the cotton - poly blend set will shrink even less than that.

    The top sheet is 60 inches wide x 100 inches long for a generous, modest fit. The bottom fitted sheet has stitched in elastic edges that run the entire length of the sheet to hug the massage table all the way around and is 78" long x 35" wide x 6" deep. And, the crescent cover will fit any standard headrest. Bring the luxurious, soft feeling of cotton to your massage with these great sheet sets.

    MADE IN THE USA! We offer Flannel and Cotton-Poly sheets made in the USA!

    Available in Flannel, Jersey, or Cotton/Poly blend: see options at checkout.

    • Table Width: Fits tables 28" to 34" wide
    • Fits Table by: Any Manufacturer
    • Table Length: Fits tables up to 77" long
    • For Jersy Interlock Sets: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
    • Fitted Sheet size: 78" long x 35" wide x 6" deep
    • Flat Sheet size: 65" wide by 100" long
    • For Flannel Sets: 100% Cotton Flannel
    • For Percale Cotton/Poly: 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester
    • Condition: New
    • Availability: In Stock
    • Cotton Flannel - These sheets are genuine cotton sheets, not polyester or some other blend. They will not shrink to be too small for your table.
    • Complete Sheet Set - This sheet set has every sheet you will need - fitted, flat and crescent cover!
    • Fits Any Table - Our sheets fit massage tables from any manufacturer that are between 28 and 32 inches wide and up to 77 inches long.
    • Flannel Crescent Cover
    • Flannel Flat Sheet
    • Flannel Fitted Sheet