• Can be used in diffusers or in dilution for massage, bathing, compresses and in lotions, oils and creams.
  • Main Ingredients are Lavender, Chamomile, Mandarin, Fennel and Dill
  • Some younger children will enjoy using a rolled up piece of kitchen roll with up to 2 or 3 drops of oil on to wave around as a magic wand!
  • Use on children under 12 years, for a bedtime massage, put up to 2 drops into half an ounce of a suitable carrier oil, we recommend Grapeseed, Jojoba or Sweet Almond.
  • Apply up to 2 drops to car diffuser and let the healing properties fill the air around you.
  • A 5 minute back rub at bedtime provides a calming routine, it strengthens the bond between parent and child and promotes peaceful sleep.

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