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Essential 3 Cold & Sinus Synergy Blend -

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  • It uses the natural therapeutic properties of the plant carefully extracted in the form of an essential oil, resin or absolute.
  • Main Ingredients are Lavender, Eucalyptus, Cajuput, Tea Tree and Peppermint.
  • All the oils in this blend are strongly antibacterial.
  • Apply up to 2 drops to car diffuser to help ease congestion while driving.

An antimicrobial blend which helps to soothe the symptoms of colds, sinus congestion and allergies.

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    • Inhalation:Add 3-5 drops onto a tissue and inhale or inhale directly from bottle.
    • Steam Inhalation:Add 3-5 drops in a bowl of boiling water, hold head over bowl and cover with towel – breathe the steam for 5 minutes. Caution: Steam may burn, close eyes and do not place face directly over the bowl; keep face a safe distance from boiling water.
    • Diffuser:Add 5-7 drops onto a diffuser to fill the air with the therapeutic aroma.
    • Massage Lotion:Add 5-7 drops to a ½ oz. carrier oil or an unscented all natural lotion.
    • Body Lotion:Add 5-7 drops to a ½ oz. of unscented all natural lotion and apply to your body as desired.
    • Bath:Add 5-7 drops to a ½ oz. of whole milk or liquid soap and pour into running bath.
    • Shower:Add 5-7 drops to a ½ oz. carrier oil, rub all over your body, add 3-5 drops of your favorite oil to the shower floor, turn on the water and enjoy a warm therapeutic aromatic experience.
    • Footbath:Add 5-7 drops to a ½ oz. whole milk or liquid soap, fill basin with warm water, add the mixture and soak.
    • Compress:Add 5-7 drops into a small bowl of warm or cold water, agitate well, soak cloth with water, squeeze excess water and apply to affected area.(Temperature of water is dependent on desired result)

    • Size: .33 oz.
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    • Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eyes and other sensitive areas. Essential oils are volatile and highly flammable.Keep away from direct flame. If pregnant or nursing, consult a physician before using. For external use only; DO NOT use undiluted. Store at room temperature and avoid sunlight.

    • Lavender - analgesic, easing, soothing
    • Eucalyptus - antibacterial, penetrating
    • Cajuput - antispasmodic, cleansing
    • Tea Tree - antiseptic, powerful natural antiseptic
    • Peppermint - astringent, cooling, invigorating