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Image of Hot Towel Cabinet for Massage by Earthlite
  • Image of Hot Towel Cabinet for Massage by Earthlite
  • Image of Hot Towel Cabinet with UV in white, medium size, by Earthlite
  • Image of Hot Towel Warmer features by Earthlite
  • Image showing inside of medium Hot Towel Cabinet with towels, white color.

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  • Maintains average temperature between 158 to 175 degrees F
  • Rust proof aluminum interior
  • Ideal for counter top and carts!
  • Holds up to 72 wash cloths
  • UV sanitizing

Medium sized hot towel cabinet warmer with UV will both heat and sanitize. Holds up to 72 wash cloths in a warm rust proof aluminum interior with a silicon door seal. Includes drip tray for wet towels but works well with dry towels too!

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    This Hot towel cabinet will both heat and sanitize with its built-in UV light. Earthlite makes 3 sizes of Hot Towel Cabinets, and this is the Standard size. It is designed to maintain an average temperature between 158 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit and will hold 72 of 12 inch by 12 inch sized wash cloths. Your towels will heat up quickly, ready for the next client.  These units are small enough to be placed on most counter tops, carts, or even below treatment tables. It features a Rust proof aluminum interior with silicon door gaskets. 

    Earthlite Hot Towel Cabinet Features:
    • White or Black exterior, both with a silver front door. 
    • Rust proof aluminum interior
    • Towel racks that hold 72 wet wash cloths (12" x 12")
    • Convenient drip pan
    • UV sanitizing
    • Extra hot 158-175 °F heat
    • 1 year limited warranty

    Sometimes a picture really helps you understand things a little better. Here is a picture of the typical Hot Towel Cabinet by Earthlite with a diagram of where the buttons are and what are the main features, taken from the actual owner's manual.

    Diagram of features of the Earthlite Hot Towel Cabinet

    Exterior Dimensions:
    • Width: 17.5”
    • Height: 14”
    • Depth: 11”

    Interior Dimensions:
    • Width: 14.5”
    • Height: 10”
    • Depth: 7”

    If you're having trouble deciding which is the right size hot towel cabinet for your needs, just check out this side by side comparison chart of the Earthlite Hot Towel Cabinets. 

    Image of the side by side comparison of the specifications of the different size hot towel cabinets by Earthlite.

    See our other related listings for the Mini Hot Towel Cabinet, and the Large Hot Towel Cabinet, by Earthlite. 

    Have you ever wondered why it's a good idea to get a table warmer with a UV sterilization light? We ask because the older warmers did not come with one. Really, the answer is simple once you think about it. Just imagine... imagine a place that stays wet, is nice and warm, and is usually totally dark. That's the perfect kind of place that mold and bacteria thrive in! A dark, warm, and moist interior would normally be smelling pretty musty in a short period of time, and so would your towels. Once mold and bacteria start growing somewhere it's usually pretty hard to get it completely clean. That's where the UV sterilization light comes in; the UV light kills mold and bacteria and makes it very hard for it to get a foothold in your towel warmer. UV sterilization lights will help keep your warmer cleaner, fresher, for longer, and help keep your warm moist towels the same way. We at highly recommend only using a hot towel cabinet and warmer that has an UV sterilization light included. 

    Please just click this link if you'd like to read the full

    Earthlite Hot Towel Cabinet User Manual for all 3 Earthlite Hot Towel Cabbi's.

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