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EarthLite Massage Bolster Pillows - A massage bolster is essential for better client positioning.
  • EarthLite Massage Bolster Pillows - A massage bolster is essential for better client positioning.
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  • EarthLite Neck Bolster
  • EarthLite Neck Contour Bolster
  • EarthLite Half Round Bolster
  • EarthLite Full Round Bolster
  • EarthLite Jumbo Half Round Bolster
  • EarthLite Jumbo Round Bolster
  • EarthLite Peak Bolster
  • EarthLite Fluffy Bolster
  • EarthLite Angle Bolster
  • EarthLite Comfort Bolster

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  • Made with environmentally friendly, CFC free foam
  • Luxurious Natursoft vinyl, available in 10 rich colors
Massage bolster pillows by Earthlite come in all shapes and sizes. Bolster pillows are essential when you are giving a massage. Your client needs to be positioned in a way that allows for full access to muscle groups and joints. Arms, legs, and torso need to be turned, rotated, and placed so that individual muscles are loose and can be worked. This is the only way to achieve a complete therapeutic massage and to allow the working of toxins and stress out of tissue.
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    We recommend having at least 2 or 3 different massage bolsters on hand for various positions, and because clients come in all shapes and sizes.

    Sizes include:

    • Neck Bolster ~ 3" x 6" x 13" Only available in Black, Mystic Blue, Amethyst, or Vanilla Crème. 
    • Neck Contour ~ 3" x 14" x 11" Only available in Black, Marie's Beige, and Vanilla Crème. 
    • Half Round ~ 3" x 6" x 26"
    • Full Round ~ 6" X 26"
    • Jumbo Half Round ~ 4-1/2" x 26"
    • Jumbo Round ~ 9" x 26"
    • Fluffy Contour ~ 8" x 26"
    • Angle ~ 19-1/2" x 10" x 27" NOTE: only available in Black or Mystic Blue color. 
    • Comfort ~ 3" x 18-1/2" x 21" Only available in 2-tone black and beige color. 

    Earthlite offers a complete line of positioning bolsters, made with environmentally friendly, CFC free foam and our luxurious Natursoft™ vinyl.

    Use in conjunction with massage table sheet sets for better client comfort or purchase flannel bolster covers to extend the life of your bolsters. 

    NOTE: all bolsters are made of a foam that is pre-cut and tends to hold its shape EXCEPT for the Fluffy soft contour bolster which is made to bend and conform to the body shape and can even be doubled over.
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    • NaturSoft Upholstery - Natursoft feels soft to the touch. . . luxurious silky-smooth feel similar to fine glove leather. We've tested Natursoft's durability with an extensive rub test, including several of the most popular oil and cream products used in today's spas. The results were phenomenal. . . long lasting, easy to clean vinyl that is so soft, you have to feel it to believe it! And most importantly, Natursoft is an environmentally friendly polyurethane vinyl, fulfilling Earthlite's commitment to our environment and to our customers.

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