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Carry Case for Pisces Massage Tables - Best carry case for a Pisces massage table.

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  • Deluxe Case made of rugged nylon
  • Specifically designed for Pisces New Wave II Lite massage tables.
  • Economy Case made of lightweight sack cloth to reduce weight.

When you need a carry case for your Pisces massage table, then you should get the one designed just for it. Specifically designed for the New Wave II Lite massage table by Pisces, and available in both 29 or 31 inches wide, you can be sure it will fit just right!
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    Whether you want the Deluxe Travel Case or the Economy Travel Case, these cases from Pisces Productions are designed to fit your New Wave II Lite massage table perfectly.  

    The Deluxe Travel Case has top stitching highlights over rugged Nylon. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, large pouch for sheets oils and bolster and a comfortable plastic handle that wont squeeze your hand as you lift. (Color may vary: This case may arrive in either black or gray as the manufacturer transitions its' design).

    The Economy Travel Case is made from a combination of Nylon and sack cloth, has a shoulder strap but no pouch or plastic handle. The sack cloth insures this case does not add too much weight when carrying the table around. (Black only)

    • Sizes: Fits Pisces tables 29 or 31 inches wide