• Pro-Plush Deluxe Cushioning system
  • NatureSoft buttery soft upholstery 
  • Innovative Hoop Design, Precision Crafted
  • Jointless rounded corners
  • Super-strong, 10 layer laminate hoop frame, patent pending
  • Full-length hardwood ribs and hinge
  • Patented Mid-brace Cradle-lock cabling system

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    for as long as we can remember. It has been Earthlite's best table, and offers a lifetime warranty. Now more than ever, it is more beautiful, stronger, more functional. Trust us when we say the Spirit table has been brought to new levels of performance and confidence by Earthlite's talented engineers.

    Caress Package includes:

    Standard Package includes:

    NOTE: 35" table widths incur additional manufacturing costs and additional large package shipping costs. These costs are reflected in the $199 surcharge when choosing a 35" wide table. Sales of 35" width tables are final, and are non non-refundable and non-returnable, and once production has begun they can not be cancelled. Please be sure you really want a 35 inch wide table.


    Want even more information on this great Earthlite Spirit massage table?  We have included the following information straight from Spirit's specifications page:

    Innovative Hoop Design

    � Provides rounded corners and unsurpassed strength. 

    � Vacuum formed 10-layer laminate eliminates weakest link joints.

    � Mortised reinforcement ribs for ultimate support. 


    Spa Level Comfort

    � Luxurious Pro-Plush� Cushioning � 3� triple density system.

    � Buttery soft, yet eco-friendly Natursoft� upholstery.

    � Salon style or Stitched fit� for a greater working surface. 

    Finest, Eco-friendly Materials, Made In USA

    � Managed forest hard Maple

    � Lightweight aircraft grade Russian Birch decking.

    � 100% PU and CFC-free upholstery and cushioning.

    � 1000 lb. test mid-brace cabling system for incredible strength.

    � Made in USA from premium components sourced globally.


    OPTIONAL FEATURES: Not available on website: 

    � Ultraleather� upholstery (call to order)



    � 10-layer laminate hoop frame

    � Jointless� round corner design

    � Managed forest hard Maple legs, braces and outlets 

    � Aircraft quality Russian Birch plywood decking

    � Hardwood reinforcing ribs

    � Full-length piano hinge

    � Shiatsu release cables

    � Mid-brace� Cradle-lock Cabling System with 1,000 lbs test cables

    � 1/2 Reiki 1/2 standard endplates

    � Pro-Plush� Deluxe 3-Layer 3� Cushioning System

    � Natursoft� Upholstery � 100% PU in sixteen colors

    � Stitched-Fit� corners 

    � Dual Maple headrest outlets

    � Non-slip, Stablefoot� Traction Pads

    � Made in USA with components sourced globally



    � Widths: 35" (not available on website)

    � Extended length: 79� (not available on website(

    � Low and extended height range legs (not available on website)

    � Salon style corners

    � Facehole (Traditional or Crescent)

    � Ultraleather� upholstery 



    � Weight: 33 � 35 lbs

    � Widths: 28" 30�, 32� 

    � Length: 73� 

    � Height Range: 23� - 33�

    � Static Weight: 3200 lbs

    � Max. Working Weight: 800 lbs

    � Lifetime Limited Warranty

    � CE Mark 

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    • Static Weight Load limit: 3200 lbs
    • Table Weight: 33-35 lbs
    • Table Width Options: 28", 30", 32"
    • Table Height Range: 23" to 33"
    • Max Working Weight: 800 lbs
    • Table Length: 73"
    • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
    • Condition: New
    • Availability: In Stock

    • Also available as a table only for $399

    • NaturSoft Vinyl - Natursoft feels soft to the touch. . . luxurious silky-smooth feel similar to fine glove leather. We've tested Natursoft's durability with an extensive rub test, including several of the most popular oil and cream products used in today's spas. The results were phenomenal. . . long lasting, easy to clean vinyl that is so soft, you have to feel it to believe it! And most importantly, NaturSoft is an environmentally friendly polyurethane vinyl, fulfilling Earthlite's commitment to our environment and to our customers. Natursoft Vinyl is available in your choice of 16 colors.
    • Endplate Option - Available with Standard or Reiki Endplate - No additional charge.
    • Deluxe Carry Case - Features four convenient pockets to hold all of your supplies. The main pocket has been designed to hold either a full, half round, half jumbo or fluffy bolster. Additional supplies, such as oils or sheets, easily fit into the other three pockets. It is constructed of heavy-duty nylon with a padded shoulder strap and a reinforced bottom. Available in teal, purple, navy, black and wine.
    • Caress Face Rest - Earthlite's Caress self-adjusting facecradle is a complete upgrade in face cradle comfort. This headrest conforms to each person's unique face shape and contours. Sinus pressure is reduced and pressure points eliminated. It features eight individual Soft-Petals that flex and balance to suspend your client's face in a cradle of comfort. When combined with our Form-fit memory cushion, the Caress molds itself perfectly to each and every face shape and size. The days of "cradle face" are over!
    • Flex-Rest Face cradle - The innovative patented platform has elastomeric connective tissues which flexes under pressure to create the optimal pivot point to suspend a clients face for un-compromised comfort and support. A lightweight and compact face cradle, it is used in some of the worlds finest resorts and spas.
    • Single or Double Leg Height Adjustment Knob Option -  The standard Spirit table configuration includes 1 adjustment post knob location for the leg height adjustments. In other words, there is only 1 stud bolt connecting the upper and lower leg parts. You put the stud bolt sticking out of the upper leg part into and through the hole in the lower leg that corresponds to the height you want for the table. The lower leg goes onto the upper leg using the hole of your choosing, then you screw it down tight with the adjustment knob. Earthlite offers the option for 2 bolts and knobs on each table leg instead of just one. If you normally use the table on one of the higher height settings then the double adjustment knobs can add to the sideways stability of the table if you do a lot of pushing and pulling from the side. For some types of therapy this is a very good option to have.

    • Earthlite Spirit Massage Table
    • Facerest
    • Carry Case